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Dec 31, 2014 16:34

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The distrust in the elections in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic (KBR) has to do with a whole range of resonant corruption-related cases initiated against local officials of all possible ranks, starting since 2012, when some of them, accused of corruption, were solemnly detained in their offices and convoyed to Moscow. The latest judicial decisions were announced in relation to employees of the Federal Treasury for the KBR.The user with the nick exist believes that the war on corruption in the republic is not a senseless idea – it may be successful: "Why not? How can we then explain the phenomenon of Tatarstan? And what about the Belgorod, Tula, Kaliningrad Regions and other most successful regions of Russia? They also have officials there, but officials are different. Recollect the time of Malbakhov. Everything built in the republic was built under the leadership of Timbora Malbakhov, the then head of the regional communist party committee. Yes, the country is really deep in corruption; but the problem is not only in the very structure of power. A change of names of federal bodies of power into regional ones, their content won't change. Maybe, finally, people are the point? Both in the centre and in regions."The user erik_cartmann predicts that soon the KBR will see new corruption scandals related to the cadre "cleansings" in bodies of power: "As to the essence of the article and comments of those 'communicated', I can repeat my recent conclusion that (it looks like, but not the fact) we see a 'bulldogs' fight under the carpet' in bodies of power! So far, they do it as a 'test of the pen', of course! They test the soil for more serious 'Brownian movements'. There are too many 'overfed' and 'long-sitters' there! And too many 'young and green', thirsty for posts and awards… and, of course, sources! How can we do without them?!))) From here we have 'cases' with idiotic formulations of 'corpus delicti' and inconsistent modus operandi..."The user with the nick w753qk, on the contrary, believes that no tough measures and criminal cases will follow: "Akim: 'Khloponin, all the terrorism and extremism stems from the bureaucrats' social policy.' Everybody knows where terrorism and extremism stems from, Since the 1990s, everything is done in the country for the sake of the authorities and for the sake of bureaucrats; the KBR cannot be an island of stability and order, is the whole country is immersed in corruption. Example: Vasilieva is under arrest, but they let her to create, sing, dance and amuse people. There is and will be no prison for those 'attached'; and everything stems from here!"The highest support of the voters was given to the user with the nick Akim. The reader writes that the main obstacle in fighting corruption is that it has completely penetrated all the management mechanisms; as an example, he describes the corruption scheme in the sphere of construction:"The whole republic's system is built under a corruption model. If you touch it, all the management links will get broken. It looks like everyone is happy; otherwise we have a natural question already to the new power. There are new people in armchairs of the power, but their management schemes are old and corrupt. Let's take, for example, the work of our city administration in Nalchik. The system of issuing construction permits is of obviously corrupt character at the level of local legislation; and huge money is circulating around these temporary regulations. Everybody knows the procedure, and everyone is happy. According to the regulations, no construction is allowed in the city at the level of legislation; but they are building and legitimating new structures. The 'cost' of the issue is already above 100,000 roubles. It's high time for the new authorities to start working, but I can hardly believe, since those who had written the regulations, now are in charge of issuing permits. They are not so mad to lose these stable revenues. Khloponin said that 'all the terrorism and extremism stems from bureaucrats' social policies.' I agree with him 100 percent. As to the Treasury, a request will follow to the federal management as to the cleanness of thoughts in fair serving the state, including in the KBR."Southern Caucasus: where will the new Maydan break out?The corruption level beyond all limits was one of the reasons of the crisis that Ukraine is now facing, which resulted in overthrowing the power, actual loss of a part of the territory and a civil armed conflict. Readers assessed the chances of the Maydan scenario in the Caucasus.The user TEDE recollects the experience of the Georgian "Revolution of Roses": "Maybe in Georgia, which is easy to rise, there might be a relapse, just if the events in Georgia are covered by the Russian state-owned mass media. In case of Armenia, Russian TV mass media can easily block any news from there, as it already happened. That is why any unrest in Armenia will hardly affect the public opinion in Russia."The user hmaeak does not suppose that in the current situation the countries of Transcaucasia may gather enough supporters of mass protests against the authorities: "There are quite plenty of those who wishes to have a Maydan, even here, at the forum of the 'Caucasian Knot'; however, they are, thanks God, not in the majority; thus, who will trust them now? Armenia had something like semi-Maydans, but people understand that it means death. It's all clear with Georgia: they have generated the immunity. Azerbaijanis, being oriental people, are ready to tolerate – for them a bird in hand is worth two in the bush."The user with the nick Rock has least hopes for the Maydan scenario in Azerbaijan: ",,,,)))))))) Good guy, a brilliant post (without irony)))),,, they are right saying that brevity is talent's sister,,,,, the strength of the post is that we can argue and argue,,, agree and agree,, suppose and suppose,,,, Maydan in Transcaucasia is possible everywhere – and impossible everywhere,,,, to be more precise, like that: in Georgia, it is, of course, possible, and should Misha have stayed at the top, it should have been happened; and he should have been driven to the hell,,, in Armenia, it is at all most probable, BUT,,, all the leaders were notable for flexibility and ability to persuade people,,,, well, and in Azerbaijan – it is the most Impossible variant,,, since people will hardly ever grasp stones, fearing a blank execution and losing what 'the family' is voluntarily giving them,,, while the family will never give their power away,,, that is, it will be the bloodiest variant,,,,"In the opinion of the user with the nick turist, there will no copy of Ukrainian unrests in Transcaucasia; he emphasizes that the final aim of all the Maydans in the Caucasus is Russia: "It will happen nowhere. The least probable variant is Armenia. In order to shake Southern Caucasus again, the West should neutralize the core of Russian influence, that is, Armenia; and NGO activists are still 'breathing' there. Georgia is already exhausted; it has lost all it could lose. Azerbaijan is hardly probable, since a priori the power is very strong and cruel there. But Armenia also has one nuance, meaning that the events of March 2008 may repeat here, since Putin understands quite well: if he loses Armenia, the whole Southern Caucasus will sail away from him. besides, all the three countries are dependents or pawns in the chess match of RUSSIA with BRITAIN."The largest count of votes was awarded to the user with the nick karen, who suggests in his comment that an attempt to overthrow the power will be undertaken in Armenia, noting that he himself is against such course of history for his country:"My idea is that the next attempt should be in Armenia, but I hope that our authorities will cope with it and won't admit it. Corrupt persons, like Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk and the like, are among any nation; and imagine, if such people take power in Armenia, they may easily refuse from Nagorno-Karabakh in favour of Azerbaijan; and it means that Azerbaijan will sharply turn away from Russia' and the Caucasian region will become anti-Russian. Thus, in Azerbaijan there is no sense of Maydan, while Georgia is already under pindo-Europeans."

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