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Dec 31, 2014 17:02

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In the case with the N. I. Pirogov Moscow Medical University, a decision was finally found that satisfied both the Rector and Islamic students. However, sometimes restrictions of rights touch on broader layers of population. This autumn Dagestan made a decision to cancel direct elections of municipality heads.The user with the nick Gorynych notes a low level of political consciousness of Dagestanis, who, as it seems, have lost trust in elected bodies of power: "Unless Dagestan completely dismantles its clans; until the republic gets rid of odious figures, here, at any form of voting these very clans and financial 'fat cat' will dictate their terms. It's no difference – nationwide elections, or elections by representative bodies – they will buy votes and impose their will through falsifications, use of money, firearms and profitable connections. Until there is proper order in place, corruption mechanisms will work in both cases," Magomed Bisavaliev told the 'Caucasian Knot'. These are the truest words in this article! I'd just like to add here a problem of the extremely low political and civil activeness of Dagestanis, who attend not only rallies, but even the elections either under constraint, or by pursuing their own, extremely narrow mercantile interests. People have forgotten, or just don't understand that elections are the only legal way for every citizen of any country to influence the domestic political situation and, accordingly, his/her future and the future of his/her descendants. We can, of course, blame the authorities, who had strained their efforts in creating the situation as it is; however, everyone should remember that he/she is a human, not a mankurt!"The user U-2 associates the roll down of the electoral process with the fear of the authorities to lose in a fair rivalry to candidates with radical views: "They don't trust the people's ability to decide who will rule them. This is a result of the notorious confrontation of power agents to radical believers; they are probably afraid that voters will prefer radicals."The user Pavel1602 indicates to not very local cause for the cancellation of local elections: "This project is being lobbied for the election of City Manager of Makhachkala. There is not a single worthy candidate; while the acting one failed to meet the hopes of citizens! Makhachkala is drowning in garbage; they plan to disconnect water for the second time; roads are in poor condition…"The user Anji1983 ironically notes that people have lost not only their voting rights, but also some help in households: "Here we are; before they brought flour or sand and spread in exchange for votes; however, ARG has deprived us of this either."The majority of the votes were cast by the comment of the user with the nick Musulmanin, who believes that by taking such a decision, the authorities have even more distanced off from the people; and they cannot now rely on people's support:"Thus, we are deprived of the right to elect best candidates in a free competitive rivalry. I used to think earlier that the most stupid politician in the world was George W. Bush the junior, but now I changed my mind in favour of our home-grown ones! What kind of people's support can we talk after such decisions? People will curse you; and when you'll be replaced by others by your boss, then, you will, more likely, regret that you have deprived people of their rights. However, people are silent; thus, we deserve such attitude."Kabardino-Balkaria: parliamentary electionsThe Dagestani initiative to abolish municipal elections will, probably, be borrowed by other regions of Northern Caucasus. Meanwhile, Kabardino-Balkaria held its parliamentary relations, which were described by users of the "Caucasian Knot" in most glowing colours.The user with the nick Akim writes that the outcome of the elections was known in advance; and, in general, he doubts of the expediency of the existence of such a body as the Parliament of the KBR: "Unfortunately, siminer, you're right. The instruction of splitting the seats in the parliament was known back on August 18, and, I think, nobody was hiding it. Nobody counted ballot papers, they were just thrown into bags and then – into a distant corner. The bad news is that we perceive falsifications as something routine, like as it should be; and there's a good point in all this mess. The parliament has never decided anything. If they disappear without notifying anyone, you can be sure that this would have passed unnoticed. In fact, for the previous 8 years the parliament adopted only 5 their own acts. Well done, guys!"The user helmut-lipfert writes that he went to vote and opposes those, who ignore the voting and treats it as unfair well in advance: "Three days before the elections, they shouted: 'Let's don't go to the polls! It's all not fair there!' And now they are outraged at the fact that they decide everything without them?! (((So, don't go there further! And the insane Vladimir Zhirinovsky will by means of you 'wash his boots in the Indian Ocean!')))) As long as you yourself treat yourself as cattle… nobody will treat you differently! I went to the polls and voted as I saw it necessary! By the way, the fact that the 'greens' have won so many votes… says that all are sick and tired of others... This is point one! And the elections were more or less honest! Point two! And I voted not for the 'greens'! Point three!)))."The user with the nick BenJoice disagrees with this opinion, as he sees no difference in which political forces will win and how many seats they get in the parliament: "What is the difference in who has passed? Oppositional parties have ignored the elections; and those who took part were united as never, in a single gust...). Is it not the same who will receive budget money, while sitting in cosy armchairs? The pursued policy will always be the same, which is, by the way, quite correct, especially now. "The user neru.javakharlal believes that people would not like changes; while some of them vote "for presents": "Even if all KBR does not vote, it will be a drop in the sea of 150 million. people. But people vote and receive gifts at polling stations. Basically, they are given to pensioners and women with children. I myself saw how they gave boxes of chocolates sweets; and people do not vote for changes; they vote for peace. If we change the power, then, again we'll have resignations, conflicts of interests, and even possible crime. People do not want what is happening in Ukraine and what took place in Chechnya."The comment of the user with the nick Dobry gathered the highest number of votes. The reader questioned in official figures on the voter turnout at poling stations:"35% would come to vote, if these elections were fair. We should not exaggerate the electoral activity of people in the impoverished country. All have long neglected the elections and the possibility to somehow influence the life in the republic. Parliament is a normal trade union, where one can get some privileges for oneself. Not a single political initiative, not a single slogan or suggestion. And for this rotten matter 35% voted by noon. Are there any who has voted here? Please reply. At least one?"

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