20 September 2003, 12:01

Press conference in Baku

A press conference of Enver Berusoy, a representative of the Caucasian Institute of Strategic Researches, and Mairbek Taramov, the director of the Chechen Human Rights Center was held at the Press Club of Baku on September 19.

Ever Berusoy told journalists that destructive forces were trying to shake a glowing pre-election situation in Azerbaijan.

With that end in view Russian special services sent out several groups of their officers to Baku, some of them being Chechens by nationality. The task of the latter is to create hostility among the Chechen refugees so that to force the Azerbaijan government to expel the delinquents and take measures for the non-admission of Chechens onto the country's territory.

Mairbek Taramov spoke about the pre-election situation in Chechnya where the Kremlin did its best to legitimate Akhmad Kadyrov, who is an absolutely unacceptable figure for the Chechens, as a future president of Chechnya. All the world community has already seen the future elections in Chechnya were turned into a farce.

Source: Kavkazsky Vestnik Website

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