Village of Kenkhi, the Sharoi District of Chechnya. Photo: Ibragim Estamirov,

15 April 2016, 19:15

Resident of Chechen village complains to Vladimir Putin about corruption

Officials take from residents of the mountain village of Kenkhi of the Sharoi District of Chechnya the larger part of the compensation for destroyed housing, deduct money from the teachers' salaries and ignore the requests of the villagers for help. This was reported by Ramazan Djalaldinov in his video message addressed to Vladimir Putin.

On April 14, the video message of Ramazan Djalaldinov was published on the YouTube channel of the Dagestani newspaper "Chernovik" (Draft). Despite the fact that the video message is entitled "The appeal to Ramzan Kadyrov of Ramazan Djalaldinov, a resident of the Sharoi District of Chechnya", during the whole video message, which lasts almost ten minutes, Ramazan Djalaldinov addresses directly to Vladimir Putin and shows the President dilapidated houses in the village.

In his video message, Ramazan Djalaldinov emphasizes that he "dozens of times" appealed to the federal authorities with a request to create a commission to address numerous problems of the village, but received no response.

According to the author of the video message, people cannot get the compensation allocated to them after their houses were destroyed during the war and floods.

"The allocated funds and the compensation for people affected by the resolution of the Chechen crisis were bargained away. 60-70% funds were returned to the Kremlin in the form of kick-back," argues Ramazan Djalaldinov.

According to the man, the current Chechen programme to resettle residents of the landslide zones is not available for Avars from the Sharoi District, since officials explain that they "do not believe them." The compensation is allocated only to those people who agree to make a deal and to get only 1/3 of the amount due to them.

Full text of the article is available on the Russian page of 24/7 Internet agency ‘Caucasian Knot’.

Source: CK correspondent

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