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In 2012, Ingushetia had 167 victims of the armed conflict

In 2012, at least 167 persons fell victim to the armed conflict in Ingushetia; of them, 84 persons were killed and 83 more were wounded. The count of victims is more than 1.5-fold higher than in 2011, when Ingushetia had 108 of them. These are the results of the calculations made by the "Caucasian Knot" based on the data received from its own correspondents and on information from other open sources.

The 2012 list of victims includes 32 civilians: 11 were killed and 21 wounded; 91 employees of power bodies: 33 were killed and 58 wounded; and 44 persons, treated as militants or their helpers: 40 were killed and four more were wounded.

Losses of power agents and the underground

In 2012, Ingushetia was affected by at least 24 explosions and terror acts, including one terror act committed by a suicide bomber. In 2011, Ingushetia had 29 explosions, including two self-explosions.

The number of casualties among members of the armed underground in the republic in 2012, according to statements of law-enforcement bodies, made 40 persons - same as in 2011. Among them - the suicide bomber who blew himself up in the Malgobek District, and 39 persons, who perished as a result of actions of power agents, aimed at fighting militants. Besides, four members of the underground, according to reports of power agents, were wounded.

The "Caucasian Knot" is here emphasizing that the statistics on members of the armed underground accounts for those, who have been announced as such by employees of law-enforcement bodies.

Out of the number of employees of power bodies, in 2012 in Ingushetia in total at least 33 persons were lost and 58 persons more were wounded as a result of shelling, explosions and armed clashes, in total - 91 victims. In 2011, this category included 51 victims, including 19 casualties and 32 wounded persons.

Thus, in 2012, the number of casualties among the members of the underground, as compared with 2011, remained at the same level, while the number of victims among power agents went essentially up - both concerning casualties - from 19 up to 33, and concerning wounded persons - from 32 to 58.

By the outcomes of 2011, the trend was reverse - the number of victims among employees of law-enforcement bodies, as compared with 2010, reduced by more than three times - from 164 to 51; the number of casualties among militants was also smaller - 63 in 2010 against 40 in 2011.

Victims among civilians

The confrontation of power agents and militants is inevitably touching on the civil population. In 2012, in Ingushetia, at least 32 civilians suffered from the conflict: 11 persons were killed and 21 more were wounded.

In 2011, there were twice as few victims among civilians - 17 persons; then, as a result of terror acts, explosions, shelling and attempts at least 11 civilians were killed in the republic and at least six more were wounded.

The above statistics is unable to reflect, with a 100-percent precision, the number of victims under each of the categories specified in the report. Not all the data gets into news reports. It is not always possible to verify the truthfulness of the statements made by law-enforcement bodies.

Trends of the year: stabilization trend broken

The figures of 2012 do not allow us to conclude that the trend towards stabilization continues in Ingushetia, after it appeared by the outcomes of 2011, when the republic managed to achieve a more than triple, as compared with 2010, decrease of the number of victims of the conflict - from 326 down to 108. Then, an essential reduction of the number of victims was registered in all three categories - among power agents, militants and civilians.

By the outcomes of 2012, we see a growth of the total number of victims, as compared with 2011, by 59 persons, or by 55 percent.

The analysis of the dynamics of the number of victims by categories indicates that only the number of losses among militants did not change essentially during the year: 44 in 2012 and 40 in 2011 (the total number of victims went up by 10 percent because of four wounded persons, while the death toll remained the same - 40 persons in each case). The number victims among power agents went up from 51 in 2011 to 91 in 2012, or by 78 percent, while the number of victims among civilians - from 17 up to 32 persons, or by 88 percent.

By the outcomes of 2010, Ingushetia was in the second place by the total number of victims of the conflict among the regions of the NCFD. Already after the first half of 2011, it shifted to the fourth place, and remained there by the outcomes of 2011 in general and after Quarter 1 of 2012. By the outcomes of Quarter 2 of 2012, the trend was broken, and the republic moved into the third place after Dagestan and Kabardino-Balkaria, and after Quarter 3 it was already the runner-up, behind Dagestan only.

However, by the end of 2012, the number of victims began reducing again; and by the outcomes of Quarter 4, Ingushetia returned to the third place among the regions of the NCFD.

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