10 April 2012, 23:00

Resolution of the rally "No to NATO base!" (Makhachkala)

The clique of the "Edinaya Rossiya" (United Russia) Party, headed by their "non-partisan leader of the party," which had been persuading everyone in the course of the election campaigns of State Duma Deputies and the President of their patriotism, has now thrown off the mask. They are preparing another deadly blow to the Russian State: there is no other estimate of the plans to build a NATO base in our territory.

By letting into Russia the organization, which has a sustainable reputation of an international robber, our country leaders show that they do not care about the fate of Russia. In their desire to please the USA, they are ready to say goodbye to the remains of our sovereignty and transform our city into a stronghold of the aggressive military bloc. We cannot rule out a possibility, when in case of aggravation of the political situation, along the beaten path our country will have to receive not only military supplies, but also combat units. Such cases already happened in the history of our country - during the "Time of Great Troubles", after which we hardly managed to drive away the Polish-Lithuanian-Swedish invaders in 1612, and after October 1917, when the rebellion of White Czechs fomented the civil war.

At the same time, the initiators of placing the NATO base are trying to conceal a real opportunity to create a new route for transporting drugs, the production of which in Afghanistan during the years of the NATO operation has grown 40 times.

They do not want to recognize the enhanced risk of increased intelligence activities, probability of diversion acts, including against the Research Institute of Nuclear Reactors (known as NIIAR, located in Ulyanovsk), and a spread of infectious diseases so rampant in the impoverished Afghanistan.

They are also silencing the fact that the leadership of Iran - the country, which can at any time be subjected to aggression by NATO, - have repeatedly stated that retaliation blows will be inflicted at the countries, which render assistance to the aggressor.

In this situation, the people shall take responsibility for security of their homeland.

No to NATO base in Russia!
Down with the anti-popular regime!

April 7, 2012

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