09 April 2012, 23:00

Resolution of the rally of the Civil Movement for Democracy "Public Chamber" (Baku) on April 8, 2012

Taking into account the proposals put forward by various organizations and citizens, the rally hereby decides:

  1. To demand from the authorities of Azerbaijan an immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience; to stop repressions against the participants of the events in Guba and supporters of free wearing of hijabs;
  2. To consider a must to ensure in the country the freedoms of speech, self-expression assembly; to undertake radical democratic reforms and to hold in 2012 free and fair parliamentary elections;
  3. To undertake a two-fold increase of salaries paid to teachers and doctors, and scholarships to students; to ensure direct provision to citizens of shares from oil revenues; to decrease the payment rates for education and completely cancel of any paid education in state-owned educational institutions;
  4. To demand to wage a real war on corruption and bribe-taking; to take measures to return the treasures stolen from the people and the state.
  5. To put an end to criminal monopolism and high prices.
  6. To ensure the respect of property rights, payment of just compensations to the citizens, whose property rights had been violated, return of Soviet-time deposits to the population at the rate of one-to-one (1 rouble = 1 manat, - note of the "Caucasian Knot"), and payment of fair compensations to the victims of the flood on the Kura River.
  7. To achieve the union of democratic forces, political opposition and intellectuals in the fight against the existing authoritarian regime.
  8. To develop a nationwide platform aimed to liberate Karabakh and ensure the country's territorial integrity.

To organize the next action with the demand of implementation of the above measures on April 22.

Baku, April 8, 2012

Source: the newspaper "Eni Musavat"

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