08 March 2011, 23:40

Yerevan holds action "Feminism is not Matriarchy"

Today, the "Women's Resource Centre" has held in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, an action aimed to acquaint the public with the notion of "feminism".

"We want people to know that feminism does not mean matriarchy: feminism is first of all bearing the idea of equality between men and women," said the initiators of the action.

Its participants made a march along central streets of Yerevan and gave balloons and leaflets telling about feminism to passers-by, the "Epress.am" reports.

Anush Pogosyan, an activist of the "Women's Resource Centre", said that her organization had announced a month of feminism in Armenia from March 8 to April 7.

"March 8 is the international day of women's rights, not a holiday of beauty and motherhood. In this regard, our organization plans a series of activities devoted to feminism in Armenia. Many people are afraid of using the word 'feminism' and believe that this movement is directed against men; however, it's completely untrue. Feminists stand for equality between men and women. Our organization adheres to this particular approach," the "Armenia Today" quotes Ms Pogosyan as saying.

The "Caucasian Knot" has reported that 81 percent of residents of Armenia are convinced that their country has a problem of inequality between men and women in presentation in power bodies. Of them, 38 percent find the problem as very acute, and only 15 percent believe that inequality is no problem. These are the results of the study conducted within the framework of the programme "Women's capacity building in establishing peace in Southern Caucasus" and made public in November 2010.

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