17 September 2010, 18:00

Residents of Volgodonsk paid tribute to the victims of terror of 1999

On September, 16, residents of Volgodonsk, Rostov region, paid tribute to the victims of the act of terror which took place eleven years ago.

On September, 16, 1999, a mined truck blew up near a multistory block of flats in Volgodonsk. In just a few seconds the house was practically destroyed, the blast wave covered about half a hundred more buildings. 19 people perished, 73 became disabled. More than 40 houses, 2 schools and a kindergarten were damaged. Over 16 thousand residents were officially acknowledged as injured.

Today there is a memorial obelisk and a public garden in the area which became deserted. On the day of this anniversary of the accident the citizens from early morning were bringing flowers and candles to the memorial to the victims of the tragedy. "Don-TR" reports that at 5.55 exactly (the time of the explosion of the truck) the people paid tribute to the memory of the victims by a minute of silence.

During all these 11 years residents of Volgodonsk have been at law with the state. They demand to pass a law of victims of terror which would give them a chance to receive necessary treatment. However up to now all the suits have been lost.

According to Irina Khalay, leader of the Regional Non-governmental Organization of Aid to the Victims of "Volga-Don" terror, the only hope remains for Strasbourg Court of Human Rights.

"Radio Svoboda" reports that as long as there is no such concept as "person injured by terror" in Russia up to now, in Volgodonsk, for instance, all those injured have received payoffs as victims of disaster and the disabled persons have currently the status of "disabled in an accident".

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