27 August 2003, 23:57

Libraries of penitentiary institutions of Nagorny Karabah are enriched

On August 26, members of the Karabah non-government human rights organization "Center of Civil Initiatives" (CCI) visited the Reformatory and Labor Institution of the Interior Ministry of the Nogorno-Karabah Republic (NKR). They handed 150 books over to the Institution's administration.

"We arranged this action having realized the importance of enlightenment and education for people retained in custody. A literal prisoner easier serves his time, gives less trouble to the administration and stands upon his rights more successfully," underlined CCI Director Albert Voskanian. The day before the CCI also handed 100 books over to the administration of the Investigation Ward of the Interior Ministry of the republic.

The "Center of Civil Initiatives", which has been working in Stepanakert since October 2002, has been monitoring penitentiary institutions of the NKR doing what it can to help administrations to solve existing problems, to improve social and life conditions of the people retained in custody, to observe the rights of the latter.

The Center visits penitentiary institutions of NKR on a regular basis. It is virtually the first experience of this kind in Nagorny Karabah. According to the words of Albert Voskanian, the CCI makes out detailed reports based on the analysis of observations and information obtained. These reports are sent to the headquarters of the Penal Reform International (Great Britain), a penal reform leader, as well as to a number of international organizations, state structures and persons that are engaged in these problems so as to familiarize international public with the situation in the system of penitentiary institutions of the NKR.

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