22 September 2003, 13:12

Conference of NGOs took place in Chechnya

A conference of non-government organizations and representatives of the Chechen intelligentsia took place in Grozny on September 19. The forum was arranged by the Center of Complex Researches and Chechen Culture Popularization "Lam" headed by Honored Artist of Russia Zuleykhan Bagalova.

The organizers named the conference "Chechnya in the 21st Century: How To Preserve the Nation in a Globalizing World" About 30 people took part in the forum. Representatives of the scientific and creative intelligentsia of the Chechen Republic, teachers of local institutes of higher education were among them. Non-government organizations were represented by the "Echo of the War", the Council of Non-government Organizations, the "Face of the Future" and other organizations.

The following issues were among those discussed at the conference:

1. Stability of the Chechen Republic's political status.

2. Ensuring of the nation's physical survival.

3. Ensuring of the territorial integrity.

4. Non-admission of the meddling in the internal affairs.

5. Necessity for the raising of the national economic and cultural potential.

Source: Infromation Center of the Council of NGOs

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