Karabakh rescuer wounded by mine explosion

The rescuer who has blown up himself by a mine while searching for the bodies of those ... More

17.04 / 12:35
Two residents of Stavropol Territory accused of bride-abducting

Two residents of Stavropol Territory are accused of abducting a woman from the city of ... More

17.04 / 12:20
Rights defenders link Eldar Gasanov's persecution with his political ambitions

The charges brought against Eldar Gasanov are unconvincing; the real reason for his arr... More

17.04 / 08:50
Three elderly Azerbaijani women go on hunger strike

The residents of the Baku dwelling settlement of Turkan, who had been declared dead, ar... More

17.04 / 08:35
Rights defenders urge to render medical care to Crimean activist kept at Rostov SIZO

Oleg Prikhodko, a pro-Ukrainian activist, recognized as a political prisoner, is kept a... More

17.04 / 08:22


Law-makers of Canadian Alberta Province recognize Armenian Genocide

Members of the Canadian Alberta Provincial Legislature have adopted a resolution in whi... More

17.04 / 19:57
Analysts point to the decrease of OSCE Minsk Group's role in solving Karabakh problems

Azerbaijan has put an end to Karabakh conflict without any involvement of the OSCE Mins... More

17.04 / 19:21
Georgian activists announce fundraising to free oppositionist

A group of activists has announced a collection of funds to release the opposition lead... More

17.04 / 18:17
Peacemakers report demining farmland in Nagorno-Karabakh

In Nagorno-Karabakh, military engineers have cleared fields and vineyards from unexplod... More

17.04 / 15:39
Demand to get vaccinated under threat of firing shows intimidation atmosphere that reigns in Chechnya

The audio record, in which an official from the healthcare system demands from medical ... More

17.04 / 13:03

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