Witness in Gadjiev’s case speaks about fundraising for Hafiz school

Aleksandra Katsaeva, a prosecution witness in a case against journalist Abdulmumin Gadj... More

24.09 / 22:57
Court ignores Azerbaijani oppositionist Salaev’s complaint about torture in colony

A court dismissed a complaint filed by oppositionist Alizamin Salaev about torture in a... More

24.09 / 22:47
Azerbaijan files counterclaim to the UN International Court of Justice against Armenia

Armenia is systematically violating the "International Convention on the Elimination of... More

24.09 / 14:32
Remains of military serviceman found in Nagorno-Karabakh

Near the city of Fizuli, Karabakh rescuers have found the remains of an Armenian milita... More

24.09 / 14:26
Daudov's threat of Zakaev's public condemnation comes true

A video has been posted, in which the brothers of the emigrant, Akhmed Zakaev, living i... More

24.09 / 14:18


Azerbaijani authorities announce changes in anti-COVID measures

On October 1, Azerbaijan lifts restrictions on operation of public transport on weekend... More

25.09 / 01:05
Rights defenders criticize release of defendants in case on torture of a Chechen native

The mitigation of punishment for former employees of the Yaroslavl penal colony, accuse... More

25.09 / 00:58
Kadyrov invites Zakaev’s sons to come to Chechnya

Ramzan Kadyrov addressed gross insults to Akhmed Zakaev, living in Great Britain, and i... More

24.09 / 23:59
Kadyrov gives his daughter one of most titled horses in Russia

The leader of Chechnya bought the most titled tinker stallion in Russia for his stable,... More

24.09 / 23:57
Pandemic threatens Kobuleti hoteliers' businesses

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, tourists would not visit Adjara; and the owners of sm... More

24.09 / 23:46

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