Armenia claims shelling on border with NAR

Azerbaijani militaries have opened fire on Armenian positions in the Ararat Region and ... More

01.08 / 11:43
Baku court refuses to release activist Agil Magerramov before term

The court has refused to apply the conditional early relief (CER) to Agil Magerramov, a... More

31.07 / 23:59
Nina Tseretilova, resident of Dagestan, complains about court's inaction after her children were stolen

Court marshals arrived at the house of Magomed Tseretilov in Buynaksk to enforce the co... More

31.07 / 23:58
Missing Makhachkala resident found in SIZO

Timurlan Abakarov, a resident of Makhachkala, whose relatives had announced his kidnapp... More

31.07 / 23:53
Armenia sends letter to the UN Security Council

The Azerbaijan's aggression is accompanied by territorial claims, threats of war and ha... More

31.07 / 23:49


Renewed hostilities have no affect on dwelling settlements in Azerbaijani Kelbadjar District

The forced migrants have not yet returned to the border villages of the Kelbadjar Distr... More

01.08 / 11:54
Yerevan analysts are sceptical about idea to place Russian militaries on Azerbaijani border

The presence of Russian border guards can ensure stability on the Armenian-Azerbaijani ... More

01.08 / 11:52
Advocates state grave condition of Eldar Gasanov, former Azerbaijani GPO head

The defence of Eldar Gasanov, the former Public General Prosecutor of Azerbaijan, has a... More

01.08 / 11:50
Memo for tourists coming to North Ossetia appeared after Chechnya and Dagestan

In North Ossetia, the use of strong alcohol is unacceptable, one should not show one's ... More

01.08 / 11:48
Azerbaijani Army soldier perishes

The Azerbaijani MoD has launched an inquiry into the death of Private Shamil Aslanov. A... More

01.08 / 11:45

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