Resident of Udmurtia freed from labour slavery in Dagestan

Ivan Yakovlev managed to escape from labour slavery in Dagestan twice; at first he work... More

02.08 / 10:28
Renewed hostilities have no affect on dwelling settlements in Azerbaijani Kelbadjar District

The forced migrants have not yet returned to the border villages of the Kelbadjar Distr... More

01.08 / 11:54
Yerevan analysts are sceptical about idea to place Russian militaries on Azerbaijani border

The presence of Russian border guards can ensure stability on the Armenian-Azerbaijani ... More

01.08 / 11:52
Advocates state grave condition of Eldar Gasanov, former Azerbaijani GPO head

The defence of Eldar Gasanov, the former Public General Prosecutor of Azerbaijan, has a... More

01.08 / 11:50
Memo for tourists coming to North Ossetia appeared after Chechnya and Dagestan

In North Ossetia, the use of strong alcohol is unacceptable, one should not show one's ... More

01.08 / 11:48


Chechen law enforcers punish authors of inscriptions on road bumpers

In the Vedeno District, police found the people who had left inscriptions on the bumper... More

02.08 / 14:27
Azerbaijan accuses Armenia of shelling on NAR border

Tonight, Armenian servicemen shelled the Azeri positions located near the dwelling sett... More

02.08 / 14:10
Three Dagestani residents detained on suspicion of blood feud motivated murder

Three residents of Dagestan have been detained on suspicion of organizing a kidnapping ... More

02.08 / 13:51
Zhirinovsky reacts to protest note of Azerbaijani MFA

In response to the protest note put forward by the Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affa... More

02.08 / 11:11
Network users doubt the release of Chechen blogger

Ayub Vakhaevich, a native of Chechnya, has posted the first video clip after his disapp... More

02.08 / 10:43

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