Journalist Afghan Sadygov goes on dry hunger strike

The health condition of the Azerbaijani journalist, Afghan Sadygov, who went on a hunge... More

24.11 / 14:18
Orientalists explain Kadyrov's spending on making medals and orders

In Chechnya, awards have a special meaning and support Kadyrov's cult; the awarding dem... More

24.11 / 13:45
Yerevan rights defenders state problems with casualties' exchange

The specificities of the post-war situation and the Karabakh terrain reliefs complicate... More

24.11 / 10:15
Kadyrov's threats to burn down cars demonstrate his impunity

In his talk with Magomed Daudov, Speaker of the Chechen Parliament, Ramzan Kadyrov thre... More

24.11 / 09:45
About 1300 refugees back in Nagorno-Karabakh for last 24 hours

Russian peacemakers have accompanied to Stepanakert a convoy of 32 buses with refugees ... More

24.11 / 09:25


Azerbaijan-Russian border completely closed until December 4

About 250 Azerbaijani citizens stay at the "Ogonyok" camp in the Kaitag District of Dag... More

24.11 / 22:11
Karvachar residents leaving the city before its transfer to Azerbaijan

The military personnel of Nagorno-Karabakh were withdrawn from the Karvachar District, ... More

24.11 / 21:52
Woman from Makhachkala suspected of financing terrorism

A 32-year-old resident of the capital of Dagestan is suspected of having transferred 40... More

24.11 / 18:41
Azerbaijan and Russia call on UNESCO to protect monuments in Nagorno-Karabakh

In the territories transferred to Azerbaijan, more than half of the historical monument... More

24.11 / 18:28
At detention, Dagestani resident blows up a grenade

A man suspected of murder has triggered a grenade while being detained in Dagestan, law... More

24.11 / 14:31

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