Five believers detained in Azerbaijan

Law enforcers have detained five members and supporters of the public association entit... More

20.10 / 15:04
Applicants for maroon berets from Chechnya give reason for criticism by Kadyrov's opponents

The incident at the Tambukan training centre is being actively discussed in social netw... More

20.10 / 14:58
Shiite theologian Ilgar Ibragimoglu detained in Azerbaijan

After searching his home, policemen have detained Haji Ilgar Ibragimoglu, a Shiite theo... More

20.10 / 14:53
ECtHR awards compensation to mother of murdered resident of Ingushetia

Russian authorities failed to conduct an efficient inquiry into the death of Muslim Kur... More

20.10 / 14:46
Five Armenian POWs returned home

Azerbaijan has handed over to Armenia five prisoners of war (POWs) who had been sentenc... More

20.10 / 14:41


Shiite theologian Ilgar Ibragimoglu released after questioning in Azerbaijan

The State Security Service of Azerbaijan released after a questioning Shiite theologian... More

20.10 / 23:59
Defence of Ingush activists considers extension of their arrest illegal

A court extended the arrest of the defendants accused in the “Ingush case” by three mon... More

20.10 / 23:56
A man suspected of raping underage activist detained in Azerbaijan

The Prosecutor’s Office of Azerbaijan has reported about the detention of the man suspe... More

20.10 / 23:52
Dagestani activist Salim Khalitov stops his hunger strike

Warders of the special detention facility persuaded Dagestani activist Salim Khalitov t... More

20.10 / 23:49
Abduction of young Dagestani women from the shelter raises vulnerability issue of crisis centres

The existing legal regulations fail to protect tenants of crisis centres from being abd... More

20.10 / 15:10

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