Kemal Tambiev complained at trial about beating

Kemal Tambiev, a resident of Dagestan, suspected, along with journalist Gadjiev of fina... More

17.06 / 10:34
"Khabze" activists demand to release Kochesoko

In their statement posted in social networks, members of the NGO "Khabze" have expresse... More

17.06 / 10:22
Georgia: opponents of gay parade announce protests against LGBT people

A large-scale action against LGBT people will be held next week in Georgia, Levan Vasad... More

16.06 / 09:42
Three residents of Chechnya publicly apologize for drinking alcohol during Uraza-Bayram

The "Grozny" ChGTRK (Chechen State TV and Radio Company) has screened a story about thr... More

16.06 / 09:35
Dagestani Chechens and residents of Shelkovskoy District support Kadyrov's reaction to road sign dismantling

The harsh reaction of Chechen authorities to the demolition of road signs on the Cheche... More

16.06 / 09:26


Political analysts: LGBT community consolidates in Georgia

In Georgia, the LGBT community is becoming more active, but at the same time, the aggre... More

17.06 / 15:10
Ekaterina Beseliya delivers ultimatum to authorities of Georgia

Ekaterina Beseliya, a member of the Georgian parliament, requested the Ministry of Inte... More

17.06 / 14:57
Opponent of gay parade in Tbilisi announces creation of legion

Activists who oppose gay parades began to create a legion to counteract the LGBT Week e... More

17.06 / 14:43
Dagestani activist asks Putin to react to Kizlyar conflict

The visit of Chechen law enforcers to Kizlyar and Kadyrov's promise to "break fingers" ... More

17.06 / 11:11
Relatives report kidnapping of three Derbent residents

On June 15, relatives of Islam Barzukaev, Mirazali Mirzaliev and Gasan Kurbanov, reside... More

17.06 / 10:47

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