Statistics of victims in Northern Caucasus in 2018 according to the «Caucasian Knot»

The largest region in the NCFD is the Stavropol Territory – 66,200 square kilometres. The second place belongs to Dagestan (50,270 km²); the third – to Chechnya (15,647 km²), followed by the KChR (14,277 km²), the KBR (12,470 km²), North Ossetia (7987 km²) and Ingushetia (3628 km²). At the same time, in terms of population, Dagestan is in the lead with its 3,086,126 residents. The runner-up is the Stavropol Territory (2,795,243 people), and Chechnya is in the third is (1,456,951 people). The population of the KBR is 866,219 people, of North Ossetia – 699,253 people, of Ingushetia – 49,393 people, and of the KChR – 465,563 people.

  1. The population of the Russian Federation split by municipal formations as of January 1, 2019//July 31, 2019, the "Rosstat"(the Russian Federal Service of State Statistics).

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