20 September 2003, 11:53

TV and Turks-Meskhetians

An interest to the problem of discrimination against the Turks-Meskhetians in Krasnodar Territory has appeared on central TV channels. On September 19 Tiyanshan Svanidze from the Kholmskaya village was to take part in Svetlana Sorokina's show "Osnovnoy Instinkt" on ORT TV channel. And the other day RTR TV channel shot the separated training of children of Turks-Meskhetians in the village of Nizhnebakanskaya (the Krymsky district). The only school in the territory is situated there where, without taking parents' opinion into consideration, children have been enrolled only into so called Turkish classes for over 10 years.

Author: Aramat Prutina, press-secretary of the Novorossiysk Committee on Human Rights; Source: Novorossiysk City Committee on Human Rights

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