24 September 2008, 10:12

In Chechnya, court considers claims of dismissed militaries of "Vostok" battalion

In Chechnya, on September 23, the Grozny Garrison Military Court started considering the civil suits lodged by former militaries of the special-purpose battalion "Vostok" (East) of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation against their early dismissal from military service.

Former militaries assert that the orders on their early dismissal were contradictory to Russian laws and Army Regulations. Besides, the claimants declared at court that this April they had to refuse fulfilling orders of their former commander Sulim Yamadaev and leave the place of service, after they leant that he "was figurant of several criminal plots and criminal cases, the "Grozny-Inform" Agency reports.

In response, the "Vostok" command unilaterally dismissed several dozens of militaries. In total, the court will consider 31 civil cases, filed by former militaries of "Vostok" battalion, the RIA "Novosti" reports.

In the course of judicial hearing of the first six claims, former militaries complained of regular violations by Yamadaev of Army Regulations, systematic facts of wrongful orders, humiliating attitude of the commander to his subordinates and a number of other examples of his disregard for army regulations.

The hearing of these cases was postponed till October 14 because of insufficiency of the material provided by the respondent.

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