29 August 2003, 14:03

Yesterday night there was raid on rooms of Russian Commissioner for Human Rights Oleg Mironov

Yesterday night there was a raid on the rooms of Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation Oleg Mironov and his Business-Manager Igor Astapkin. It is still unknown what the malefactors were searching for and what disappeared from the broken saves. The police have started investigation. Staff officials believe the robbery was premeditated because the second round of the election to the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation is to be held in September.

Oleg Mironov is currently on his way to the Estonian Republic. In the course of his 5-day visit he will meet Estonian Chancellor of Justice Allar Yiks, take part in the 3rd seminar of ombudsmen of the Council of the Baltic Sea States and meet countrymen living on the territory of the Estonian Republic and the diplomatic stuff of the Russian Embassy.

Source: Social Infromation Agency

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