28 August 2003, 15:14

Russian servicemen terrorize residents of Khattuny village

On August 21, 2003, servicemen of the 45th Regiment of the Russian Defense Ministry stationed on the outskirts of the Khattuny village of the Vedeno region arrived at the village in several armored cars. Residents of the village had held a meeting for several days demanding that three residents of the Vedeno region kidnapped at night on August 13, 2003 be found and set free.

People evidence that the Russian servicemen told them as follows, "If you don't stop the meeting, you'll get no light." The electricity in the village was cut off on the night when the servicemen kidnapped three people. Another serviceman said to those who were holding the meeting, "We'll soon slay all of your men here and your women will have to marry us for nobody is left here". Then the servicemen left the village.

Source: Public organization "Chechen National Rescue Committee"

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