11 April 2003, 02:05

Zdanovich, Georgy Felixovich

Populist revolutionist (revolutsioner-narodnik) and Georgian public figure.

Born November 4(16), 1854, in the city of Kutais, Georgia, in a family of a nobleman. Studied in Moscow University, but did not graduate. In late 1874 and 1875, was one of the leaders of Muscovites' Circle ("All-Russian socio-revolutionary organization"). Was responsible for importing illegal literature from abroad. Arrested September 19, 1875, in Moscow. At the Trial of the 50 of 1877, was sentenced to penal servitude for 6 years and 8 months. Served his term in Novobelgorodskaya penitentiary and Karia penal servitude location. Starting 1883, was in exile settlement in Irkutsk Province. In late 1880s, returned to the Caucasus where was an employee of several periodicals. In early 1900s, was one of the ideological leaders of Georgian Socialist Federalist Party.

Died in Kutais on July 31 (August 13), 1917.

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September 19, 2020 08:38

  • Oppositionist Salaev's son reports pressure on his father in colony

    Alizamin Salaev, an Azerbaijani political prisoner, was transferred from SIZO (pre-trial prison) to a colony, where he is harassed and beaten up, his son has claimed. Salaev's defence has applied to the Penitentiary Service with a demand to investigate the activist's complaints of physical violence, said his advocate.

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  • Law enforcers consider picket of Kumyk activist Bektemir Salikhov as hooliganism

    Today, activist Bektemir Salikhov has held a solo picket in Makhachkala. He demands from the Dagestani authorities to assist in the return of land to residents of the Kumyk villages of Alburikent, Kyakhulai, and Tarki, from which they were evicted during the Stalinist repressions. The police drew up against Bektemir Salikhov an administrative report for petty hooliganism, because the activist glued his posters to the pedestal of the Lenin monument.

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