18 August 2003, 14:31

US Ambassador to Georgia urged Caucasians to think more contemporarily

There is a belief in Georgia, if something is done for the welfare of Russia, it is automatically injurious to the US, US Ambassador to Georgia Richard Miles said.

He specified such an opinion is current not only in Georgia, but in the Northern Caucasus as a whole. The ambassador qualified it as ideology costs of the time of a cold war and urged the Caucasians to think more contemporarily. Miles also informed that the US are not interested in the substitution of Russian peacemakers in the zone of a Georgian-Abkhazian conflict by the NATO or UN forces. He underlined the approaches of the US and Russia to the conflict settlement were similar; they are based on the principles of peaceful adjustment and territorial integrity of Georgia. Miles added that Washington took an active part in the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict adjustment, but Russia has a special role in this process for a series of reasons.

Source: Rosbalt News Agency

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