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Kotlyarevsky, Pyotr Stepanovich

Russian military man, infantry general.

Born June 12 (23), 1782, in the village of Olkhovatka, Kupyansky County, Kharkov Province, in the family of a clergyman. Studied in Kharkov Clerical College. Since 1793, was raised in the infantry regiment in Mozdok. In 1796, participated in Russian Army's campaign in Persia and assault on Derbent. In 1799, was promoted to officers and appointed adjutant for I. Lazarev, major general and chief commander of 17th Chasseur Regiment, accompanied him in the passage of the Caucasian Ridge to Georgia. Later, assisted Lazarev in administrative management of the region. In 1800, Kotlyarevsky participated in the repulse of a 20-thousand detachment of Lezgins approaching Tiflis and was promoted to staff-captain. After Lazarev's tragic death, P.S. Kotlyarevsky became a commander of a company of 17th Chasseur Regiment, even though he was offered a position of adjutant of Duke Tsitsianov, the Commander-in-Chief of the Caucasus. In 1803 and 1804, P.S. Kotlyarevsky participated twice in the assaults on Gyandji, was wounded both times, awarded the third-degree order of St. Anna (orden Sv. Anny 3-ey stepeni) for bravery. Soon was promoted to major.

Pyotr Stepanovich Kotlyarevsky took active part in Russo-Persian War of 1804-1813. In 1805, together with his company, within colonel Koryagin's detachment, defended Karabakh from Persians' invasion, participated in the Battle of the Askarani River. In spite of the two new wounds, Kotlyarevsky shortly took part in the expedition against the Baku khan, and in 1806 fought again at the rivers of Askarani and Khonashin against the Persians. IN 1807, 25-year-old Kotlyarevsky was promoted to colonel. In 1808, he participated in a campaign to Nakhichevan khanate, Persians' defeat at the village of Karabab, and the capture of Nakhichevan City. Since 1809, was responsible for Karabakh's security. In 1810, Kotlyarevsky captured the fortress of Migri, withstood the siege, and then defeated the Iranian army at the Araks River. For his courageous actions, was awarded the fourth-degree order of St. George (orden Sv. Georgiya 4-oy stepeni) and a golden dress-sword endorsed For Bravery.

In 1811, Kotlyarevsky was entrusted to stop the Persians' and Turks attack from the direction of Akhaltsikh and decided to capture Akhalkalaki fortress to accomplish this mission. Taking two battalions of his regiment and a hundred of Cossacks, Kotlyarevsky passed the mountain ridge covered with deep snow in three days and took Akhalkalaki by storm in the night. Was promoted to major general for this successful campaign.

On October 19 and 20, 1812, P.S. Kotlyarevsky defeated Abbas-Mirza's exceeding forces at Aslanduz and for that was promoted to lieutenant general and awarded the third-degree order of St. George (orden Sv. Georgiya 3-ey stepeni). On January 1, 1813, Kotlyarevsky together with a 2-thousand detachment took Lenkoran by storm, which was decisive for the end of the Russo-Persian War. During the battle, Kotlyarevsky was gravely wounded, which made him retire after the war was over. When the Russo-Iranian War of 1826-1828 started, Emperor Nicholas the First promoted Kotlyarevsky, the veteran of the previous war with Persia, to infantry general and even wanted to appoint Kotlyarevsky Commander-in-Chief, but P.S. Kotlyarevsky had to decline the mission due to his health problems.

Pyotr Stepanovich Kotlyarevsky spent the rest of his life mainly in his estates - first near the city of Bakhmut, then near Feodosia, Crimea, where he deceased on October 21 (November 2, Gregorian style), 1852.

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