02 April 2003, 03:51

Abdulgapurov, Khaybula Abdulovich

Director-in-chief of the Avar State Music Drama Theater named after Gamzat Tsadasy, Republic of Dagestan. Chairman of the Dagestani regional branch of the Russian Spiritual Legacy sociopolitical movement. Member of the Central Council of Spiritual Legacy.

Born April 22, 1942, in the village of Ratlub, Shamilevsky County, Dagestani ASSR (Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic), in the family of the head of the village council.

Spent his childhood in Chechnya, where the Dagestani population was partially moved after the Chechens had been deported in 1944. Entered History Department of Dagestan State University in 1960, but transferred soon to Drama Department of Rustaveli Georgian Drama Institute, which he graduated from in 1964. Later, also graduated from Directing Department of this Institute, as well as Higher Directing Course of the Ministry of Culture of RSFSR at Lunacharsky GITIS Institute in Moscow. Was an intern at Moscow Mayakovsky Academic Theater and Leningrad Komissarzhevskaya Drama Theater. Director-in-chief of Avar State Music Drama Theater named after Gamzat Tsadasy since 1971. Directed dozens of plays of national and classic repertoire.

Honored Artist (Zasluzhenny deyatel' iskusstv) of Dagestan, National Artist (Narodny artist) of Dagestan. State Gamzat Tsadasy Prize winner.

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