10 September 2012, 23:00

"Fume is over our Homeland..." Appeal of rally in Sochi on September 9, 2012, on inadmissibility to build power plants in the resort

In the name of the Olympiad, under the bureaucrats' chatter about turning Sochi into the world-level mountain-climate resort, officials decided to build up our city with giant power generation facilities; to poison our land with thousands of tons of hazardous acid rains; to burn down out mountainous and sea air in millions of cubic meters, and to generate greenhouse gases instead.

Only do Sochi residents themselves are able to stop this madness. Apart from them, there's nobody in our city to protect the Law and Public Order. The hosting city of the Olympic Games has no civilized authorities. There are no courts, prosecutors, police, freedom, rights and order - only organized criminal community, which is unstoppable. They capture those who dare to demand respect of the Law. They tell lies at every corner, make fools of naive people - what a boon for Sochi to have industry instead of sanatoriums...

For the fourth month the Limited Liability Company (LLC) "GazEnergoStroy" has been arbitrarily, in the criminal manner building the thermal-and-power plant (TPP), on which they don't even have a project. "They" don't need a building permit. "They" don't care about the order of the Ministry for Regional Development, which prescribes to start cutting greenery and fence off public territories (introduction of the check-point access mode) only after direction of the construction project to the state examination. "They" are only drafting the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) procedure, but - against the Law and people - have already documented and captured our land, including the coastal protected strip of the Kudepsta River; and are already building…

We send collective complaints to the President, the State Duma Deputy makes his official requests, we write application to the Prosecutor's Office - there's nobody to stop them! The criminal construction of the TPP in Kudepsta is sheltered by the police.

With their one hand "they" sign and take their international commitments - to organize the cleanest Olympics ever in the world; and then, they immediately begin soiling - destroying and poisoning all the life around. Why should our resort city stop receiving electric power from outside and be obliged to generate it in its own territory? Moreover, not only for its own needs - but for the whole Krasnodar Territory? Whose sick mind gives birth to these ideas? Tomorrow "they" will start building metallurgical plants and chemical factories in the territories of therapeutic facilities... Sochi residents suggest building a children sanatorium in this place!

The Sanitary Norms and Rules treat thermal-and-power plants as hazardous and harmful production facilities. The Federal Law "On Resorts" prohibits any placing of objects and structures, not directly related to the creation and development of the sphere of spa treatment and rest, within the second zone of sanitary protection and restricts it in the territory of the entire Sochi. What other proofs are needed of the inadmissibility of placing new factories in Sochi that destruct the resort?

For Sochi residents, the Olympiad as performed by wild officials turns into a broad-scale crimes and calamities for the human and the nature.

We demand one thing only: stop the lawlessness! Stop killing our city by building industrial enterprises in resort lands!

We appeal to Sochi residents: our city is in danger; and only the mass participation of people in actions to save it could stop the madmen.

September 9, 2012

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