30 May 2012, 23:10

Constructors of Kudepsta TPP accuse Sochi residents of damaging vehicles

"Gazenergostroi" Company Group, the developer of the construction of the Kudepsta Thermal Power Plant (TPP), claims damaging of construction vehicles, committed by local residents, who try to stop the construction works. The Sochi residents called the accusations a provocation and organized day-and-night watch at the construction site.

On May 21, in Sochi, on the left bank of the Kudepsta River, a spontaneous gathering of residents of the urban district Kudepsta occurred, which was attended by about 100 persons. The citizens demanded to stop construction of the TPP.

In the morning of May 22, representatives of the "Gazenergostroi" Company Group claimed that the construction vehicles on the construction site were damaged. In response, starting from May 26, the residents organized watch at the construction site and at the Territorial Public Self-Administration (TPS).

According to representative of the "Gazenergostroi" Company Group, on May 22, the urban district residents of the area, unable to stop construction of the facility, designed to power the Sochi Olympics, virtually destroyed several vehicles: they poured paint and cement into tanks of vehicles and damaged driver's cabins.

The "Gazenergostroi" Company Group states that the construction works will be continued in spite of everything and the fact of vandalism will result in appropriate legal consequences at present, a complaint has been already filed to the law enforcement agencies and investigation into the incident is underway, the edition "Max Portal" quotes the developer's message as stating.

According to Dmitry Seleznyov, General Director of the Limited Liability Company (LLC) "Kudepsta TPP Gazenergostroi", the situation represents "extortion of money from the developer", which involves "some commercial" and "allegedly human rights" institutions, the edition "Blogsochi".

According to pensioner Vladimir Ivanov, the local resident, accusation of the "Gazenergostroi" Company Group is nothing but "staging fake".

Vladimir Ivanov has noted that the windshield of allegedly damaged bulldozer was smashed and painted by a roller "precisely to leave driver's vision free."

According to Anatoly Makhnovsky, Chairman of the TPS, representatives of the TPS "Kudepsta" visited the place to assess the consequences of act of vandalism.

According to him, wires in a vehicle were not torn off, but carefully twisted; moreover, special vehicle, into which engine, according to the builders, paint and concrete were poured, after the examination left the construction site of their own, if nothing had happened. Besides, Anatoly Makhnovsky has added, "a guard" lives on the construction site in a temporary shed.

Starting from the night of May 26, the local residents again organized day-and-night watch at the construction site and in the TPS, the "Sochi-24" reports.

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