09 May 2012, 21:00

Kaspiisk residents pay one minute's silence tribute to memory of victims of terror act committed in 2002

Today, residents of the city of Kaspiisk in Dagestan honoured the memory of victims of terror act committed on May 9, 2002. No celebrations of Victory Day are carried out in Kaspiisk.

On May 9, 2002, in the city of Kaspiisk, at the parade in honour of Victory Day, an army antipersonnel mine MON-90 exploded. 43 persons were killed and more than 100 persons were injured.

Today, Kaspiisk leaders and residents gathered in the central square of the city. In silence people first went to the Eternal Flame, and then to the monument erected at the place of tragedy, where they laid wreaths and paid one's minute of silence tribute to the victims, the RIA "Novosti" reports.

On May 4, Kaspiisk held an evening to honour the memory of victims of the terror act committed in 2002.

"The inhuman brutal terror act, which was committed on the holy day for our country, has remained in our memory forever, and no matter, how many years have passed or will pass. The Victory Day became for Kaspiisk residents the Day of Sorrow," said Khuri Pirsaidova, the head of the Kaspiisk city administration, in her speech at the evening.

"What was I thinking on that day, May 9, 2002? I was thinking that the evil defeated in 1945, echoed in my home city. 1290 Kaspiisk residents died in the fields of the World War II, and the evil has added to that number other 43 persons. In that day, the entire Russia started, since it faced no such a monstrous terror act. And it is particularly painful, when children are dying," the RIA "Dagestan" quotes Gaji Magomedov, eyewitness of the events of 2002, Director of the Centre for Social Assistance to Families and Children.

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