08 May 2012, 10:00

Resolution on the results of a joint meeting between the Association of scientists of Ahliu-Sunna in Dagestan and Religious Board of Muslims of Dagestan

On the results of a meeting between the Association of scientists of Ahliu-Sunna in Dagestan and Religious Board of Muslims of Dagestan the following joint actions were worked out:

1. Complete following the Ayahs of the Quran.

2. Following the Sunna of prophet Muhammad, peace and blessing of Allah.

3. Following the four imams of this umma: Abu Khanifa, Malik, ash-Shafii and Ahmad bin Khanbal, in Fiqh and their faith.

4. Necessity of strict following the commandment of Allah: “Hold on to the community of Allah, everyone, do not separate”, i.e. commitment to the Quran, the Sunna of prophet Muhammad, Allah bless him, according to the faith of the four imams and Fiqh, as well as the commandment of Allah: “All the Moslems are brothers indeed, so, reconcile your brothers, maybe you will be pardoned”.

5. According to the words of Allah, the Moslems are prohibited to abuse each other: “Do not offend yourselves or each other or use insulting aliases to one another”. This includes both abuse of scientists of the past or those living nowadays and ordinary Moslems.

6. All the participants of the meeting are unanimous about inadmissibility of shadowing and snitching on the Moslems, regardless of being adherents of different religious schools, they estimate it as a heavy sin.

7. Settling all the points at issue that emerge by means of a scientific dispute after which a joint body is created consisting of equal number of participants from both parties and it gathers once a month.

8. Condemnation of the actions of any category of persons who hinder the calls for Islam as well as joint support of persons calling for Islam whose activities are frustrated.

9. The parties agreed that it was inadmissible to disallow residents of Dagestan to go abroad to study in Islamic institutions of higher education.

Source: Religious Board of Muslims of the European part of Russia

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