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82 persons became victims of armed confrontation in Northern Caucasus in March, 2012

At least 82 persons became victims of armed confrontation in Northern Caucasus in March, 2012. 63 persons out of them perished and 19 got wounded. These are the totals of calculation by the “Caucasian Knot” based on its own materials and information from other open sources.

There are 19 employees of law enforcement bodies among those lost. 13 members of power ministries got wounded. 8 persons among civil population were killed and 5 wounded. No less than 36 supposed members of paramilitary groups (PMG) were killed, one gunman wounded and detained.

It should be taken into consideration that the above mentioned statistics cannot be hundred-per-cent precise about the number of victims in any of the specified categories. The news reports do not cover all the data. It is not always possible to verify how much the statements of law enforcement bodies correspond with reality.

16 members of law enforcement bodies perished in Dagestan, one in Chechnya, one in Kabardino-Balkaria and one in Ingushetia. 11 members of power ministries got wounded in Dagestan and two in Ingushetia.

Six civilians perished in Dagestan, one in Ingushetia and one in Chechnya. Two civilians got wounded in Ingushetia, two in Dagestan and one in Chechnya.

19 gunmen were killed in Dagestan, 13 in Kabardino-Balkaria and four in Ingushetia. One gunman got wounded in Dagestan.

In total, 41 persons perished in Dagestan, 14 in Kabardino-Balkaria, 6 in Ingushetia and two in Chechnya. 14 people got wounded in Dagestan, four in Ingushetia and one in Chechnya.

Dagestan emerged the “hottest point” in March with 55 victims. Next go KBR (14 victims), Ingushetia (10 victims) and three victims in Chechnya.

No less than 21 assaults at the personnel of law enforcement bodies and other power-wielding structures were committed in March, including 15 in Dagestan, 4 in Kabardino-Balkaria, 1 in Chechnya and 1 in Ingushetia.

No less than nine explosions and acts of terror took place: six of them in Dagestan, including one with the participation of a woman suicide bomber, and three in Ingushetia. Home-made explosive devices were defused: two in Kabardino-Balkaria, two in Dagestan and one in North Ossetia.

At least 17 times in March the personnel of power-wielding structures had to carry out special operations or clash with members of PMG: 12 episodes in Dagestan, three in Ingushetia and two in Kabardino-Balkaria.

No less than five assaults at civilians were committed in March: three in Dagestan, one in Chechnya and one in Ingushetia.

At least eleven times law enforcement bodies as well as human rights organizations received statements of disappearance or abduction of people from their relatives. Part of them were later found among detainees, some have already been released.

Kidnapping and disappearance of people

On March, 1, resident of the settlement of Mutsalaul, Khasavyurt district of Dagestan, Abdurahman Djakaev was carried away in an unknown direction by armed and camouflaged people, his mother Patimat Djakaeva reported. Later he was found as a detainee in the district Department of Interior Affairs of Khasavyurt.

Another resident of the settlement of Mutsalaul Rasul Abdulkarimov was also carried away in an unknown direction by armed and camouflaged people the same day. This was reported by his sister Asiyat Abdulkarimova. Later he was found in the police department and then released.

Besides, the news about abduction of resident of the town of Nartkly, Kabardino-Balkaria, Murat Kunashev on February, 22, came in March. According to him, he was kidnapped by armed and camouflaged people who inquired about his contacts with gunmen, forced him to sign some documents by torture and only then released.

On March, 13, unknown camouflaged and masked people in Nazran kidnapped local resident Ahmed Chumakov aged 21.

Two men, Ali Zalimkhanovich Ahmetov and his relative Alan Artutovich Apendiev disappeared in Dagestan. This was reported on March, 19, by the missing men’s relative Fatima Ahmetova, resident of the settlement of Terekli-Mektab, Nogai district of Dagestan. The personnel of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Dagestan state that they have not detained these men and are carrying out an inspection on the woman’s statement.

On March, 22, Abubakar Tsechoev was kidnapped in Ingushetia. This was reported by his brother Ibrahim Tsechoev. Armed people carried Abubakar away from his working place in the main pump house of “Vodokanal”.

Over a month ago resident of the town of Tyrnyauz, Elbrus district of Kabardino-Balkaria, Anzor Kunashev disappeared in Novosibirsk region. This was reported by his wife Zalina Etezova on March, 24. She supposes that her husband might be found among the supposed paymasters of gunmen detained in the beginning of March.

On March, 1, Magomed Multsogov, leader of Ingush human rights organization “MASHR”, posted an appeal of Murad Yandiev’s father to Public prosecutor of Karabulak and Chief of Karabulak Department of the Ministry of Interior Affairs concerning disappearance of his son who worked in “MASHR” as an accountant in his blog on the “Caucasian Knot”. Later it became known that Yandiev was kept in Chief Department of the Ministry of Interior Affairs in the town of Karabulak together with three more residents of the republic. On March, 11, he was released.

In Dagestan relatives of Magomed Murtuzaliev aged 31 and Abdula Murtuzaliev aged 30 cannot find out their location and fear that they may have been kidnapped and their lives or health are in danger. The missing young men’s mother Zoya Abdullaeva appealed to “Memorial” human rights center asking to help find them.

Roza Aishaeva, resident of the town of Tyrnyauz, and Larisa Nagoeva, resident of Nalchik, appealed to human rights activists asking to help find their sons Murat Aishaev and Murat Nagoev who according to them, were kidnapped by the personnel of power-wielding structures. According the women, the young men were tortured in order to make them confess to collaboration with gunmen.

The information about detention of people suspected of storage of arms in the suburb of Makhachkala on March, 24, is untrue, activists of “Memorial” human rights center and a non-governmental organization “Protection of Human Rights” declared on March, 26. Besides, according to their data, the fate of two girls who did not return home after official release remains unknown.

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