07 February 2012, 23:00

Appeal of residents of the village of Khrakh-Uba to President of the Russian federation Dmitry Medvedev and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

Highly esteemed Dmitry Anatolievich,
highly esteemed Vladimir Vladimirovich,

On February 3, 2012, in Makhachkala, the building of the Federation of Trade Unions hosted - on the initiative of Eduard Khidirov, a Deputy of the People's Assembly of the Republic of Dagestan (RD), the leader of the faction "Patriots of Russia" in the People's Assembly of the RD and the official representative of residents of Khrakh-Uba, - a meeting, where state officials reported about the progress in resettlement of villagers to the territory of the RD.

Today, certain people try to use the situation with our villages in the anti-Russian and anti-Putin information campaign. An example is in the so-called "open letter" of Khrakh-Uba villagers to the leadership of the Russian Federation, written in a sharp and accusatory tone. In particular, the letter says: "After you have given our villages, as your own bond-slave property, to the Azerbaijani feudal regime, we are facing severe hardships." This letter is nothing but a provocation.

We hereby assure you that we did not write this letter; it was done by a few individuals. They are just a handful of provocateurs, who expressed their personal opinion and had no right to do it on behalf of all the villagers.

We, the residents of the Dagestani villages of Khrakh-Uba and Uryan-Uba, after finding ourselves in a difficult situation, had appealed to you, Dmitry Anatolievich, as the guarantor of the Constitution, with a request to take immediate actions to protect our constitutional rights. In your person we found full understanding and support; and we are thankful and grateful to you for that.

On August 19, 2011, President of the Republic of Dagestan Magomedsalam Magomedov appealed to you asking to adopt a federal programme of resettling residents of Khrakh-Uba and Uryan-Uba to the territory of Dagestan. This appeal of the head of the republic was fully supported by you; and you gave the appropriate orders and instructions. It looked like our problem had finally moved off the deadlock; however, alas.

The Federal Migration Service is endlessly verifying the lists of resettlers. We cannot understand the reason of the delay with registration in the territory of Dagestan.

In the conditions, when we are without housing and jobs, are forced to live in rented flats or with relatives, when our children cannot attend schools and kindergartens, the indifferent attitude of certain bureaucrats causes a serious concern among villagers.

We are assured that this year the problem of resettling will be solved. However, whatever happens, and most importantly - the propaganda manner of using our problems - are causing our great concern.

Since the absolute majority of residents of Khrakh-Uba and Uryan-Uba are now in the territory of Dagestan, at our request the Election Commission of the Republic of Dagestan is organizing a special polling station in the village of Novo-Aul, Magaramkent Distrct, where we intend to actively participate in the Russian presidential election. We have decided to vote on March 4, 2012, for Vladimir Putin.

We hereby ask you to give appropriate instructions to the authorities for sooner execution of the programme of resettlement of Khrakh-Uba and Uryan-Uba villagers to the territory of Dagestan.

Adopted in Makhachkala at a rally of Khrakh-Uba and Uryan-Uba villagers

February 3, 2012

On behalf of residents of Khrakh-Uba and Uryan-Uba villages - Eduard Khidirov, the representative of the villages in the bodies of power, a Deputy of the People's Assembly of the Republic of Dagestan

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