25 January 2012, 23:00

Open letter of residents of Novosasitli village Khasavyurt District of Dagestan

We, the villagers of Novosasitli, Khasavyurt District, are deeply insulted by the murder of our fellow villagers - the lawyer Omar Saigidmagomedov and Rasul Kurbanov. This cynical and cowardly murder once again shows that the authorities of the republic have finally dropped hands in front of lawlessness and is are not aimed at radical and resolute actions to combat bandistry, kidnappings, torture, extrajudicial executions and corruption in Dagestan! We can only guess who is behind all this... On our part, we hereby declare the following:

We do not intend to participate in the elections to be held on March 4, since elections in our republic are no panacea against these ills, and mass violations of human rights and freedoms in all spheres! We do not see any decent person able to put an end to this lawlessness! The republic's authorities have transformed into some substance that feels no pain and aspirations of the people!

We have received no apology and no compassion from the law enforcement bodies involved in this crime; however, we noted that these young people had nothing to do with what they had been accused of! We are tired of the lies poured on us from the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs! People are tired of waiting for a knock on the door - either by policemen or by bandits! The Republic's State Broadcasting Company (RGVK "Dagestan") made just a brief comment of this incident. Although one of the casualties was the brother of the news presenter of this Company, we heard not a single word of consolation or sympathy to their colleague. By behaving like that, they lost about a thousand viewers from our village, although there nothing special to watch on their channel.

If in the near future, the head of the republic fails to make tough decisions, including cadre ones, Dagestan will sink in mud and blood... The people's patience is not endless! We do not want a repetition of the Middle East scenario in our republic!

We appeal to all sensible people and citizens, on which the prosperity and peaceful life in our republic depend, to do everything possible and stop the fratricidal and undeclared war; we beg for Allah's help in this world and salvation in the future!

January 25, 2012

Residents of the village of Novosasitli, Republic of Dagestan

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