06 June 2011, 19:00

Actions of protest "Stop! Electrozinc!" passed off in Moscow and Vladikavkaz

On June, 5, actions against the activities of North-Osetian plant "Electrozinc" which according to the participants, discharges a great amount of heavy metal into the atmosphere passed off in Moscow and Vladikavkaz. In Moscow a picket was held in Chistoprudny boulevard and there was a cycle race along the central streets of Vladikavkaz. 

Earlier, the "Caucasian Knot" reported that residents of Vladikavkaz had held a great number of actions calling for the authorities to pay attention to the problem of air pollution from this enterprise. 

"It was no mere chance that June, 5, was chosen for the action. It was exactly on October, 5, 2009, that "Electrozinc" plant discharged over 26 ton sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere. This was one of the most powerful registered discharges of toxic agents. The townsmen had already got accustomed to regular small discharges but this time maximum permissible concentrations of toxic agents was exceeded by almost 200 times, blogger pionchik reports. 

The comments on the post in the blog run that the action in Moscow was a more large-scale one. The cycle race in Vladikavkaz passed off in the rain and there were "much less" of participants. The number of demonstrators is not specified. 

The participants were holding posters "Electrozinc" is incompatible with life!", "100 thousand residents of Vladikavkaz live in an area polluted by "Electrozinc"!", "Normal economy must be ecological. D.A. Medvedev and others". 

All-comers were receiving armbands "Stop "Electrozinc" from the organizers. 

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