22 August 2003, 17:10

Investigation of case on Mi-26 destruction in Chechnya is completed

The investigation of the case on the Mi-26 helicopter destruction that took place on August 19, 2002, is completed. This was reported yesterday by Anatoly Arsentyev, a head of the department of the Prosecutor General's office in the South Federal District.

He said that on August 15 the matter had been brought to the Supreme Court of the Chechen Republic. One of the five participants in the act of terrorism Doku Jantimirov will appear in court. The rest of the group are subject to criminal investigation. They are those who immediately fired at the helicopter from an anti-aircraft missile complex "Igla" near Khankala. That terrorist act resulted in the death of 127 people.

The trial of Lieutenant Colonel Anatoly Kudyakov accused of negligence that had caused the destruction of Mi-26 is carried over on August 25. This was reported by Rostov Garrison Court Martial Judge Igor Averkov in Rostov-on-Don.

In case Lieutenant Colonel Kudyakov who immediately commanded the crew of the shot down helicopter is found guilty he may be imprisoned for up to ten years.

Source: ITAR-TASS News Agency

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