Freedom square, Tbilisi. 26 April 2009. Photo of "Caucasian Knot"

06 May 2009, 22:00

In Georgia, MIA agents detain oppositional activist

Last night in Tbilisi, employees of Georgia's MIA detained Giorgiy Oniani, an activist of the radical youth oppositional movement "November 7". He was detained after an incident that took place yesterday in the morning near the building of the Public Television, where a picket of the opposition was held.

In order to get into the building, every television worker has to pass not only the so-called "corridor of shame" but also through an iron cage, where activists of the opposition check their documents. They have introduced this new "rule" right yesterday, on May 5.

We remind you that the "corridor of shame" was intended for the journalists who, in the opinion of the opposition, are not objective in covering the events. According to Salome Zurabishvili, leader of the Party "Road for Georgia", the TV channel belongs to people, as it is financed from citizens' taxes; the opposition would fight for return of the public television back to the people.

Nika Avaliani, a journalist of the TV channel, did not like to pass through the "corridor of shame" and the iron cage, and he tried to turn the cage over. Several young men started a fistfight with the journalist. After a verbal skirmish and pushing each other, Avaliani had to seek safety in flight. The policemen who stood beside the entrance into the building refrained from mingling into the incident, as the "Interfax" reports.

The opposition's headquarters has stated that in the hours to come, after clarifying all the details of Oniani's detention, a press conference will be held.

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