CoE calls on Azerbaijan to complete anti-corruption reform

Azerbaijani authorities must exhibit the will and complete the anti-corruption reform r... More

20.06 / 10:54
Akhmed Pogorov's relatives tell about seventh search of their households

The search, conducted on June 18 at the house of relatives of Akhmed Pogorov, a co-chai... More

20.06 / 10:42
LGBT Week in Tbilisi begins with its opponents' action

Opponents of the "March of Dignity", announced by LGBT activists in Tbilisi, have held ... More

20.06 / 08:24
Native of Chechnya convicted for financing terrorism after sending money to his brother

On June 19, the North-Caucasian District Military Court in Rostov-on-Don sentenced Ali ... More

20.06 / 08:13
Dagestan journalists criticize Kadyrov's version of Kizlyar conflict

The participants of the conflict in Kizlyar are supported by a significant part of resi... More

19.06 / 22:12


Native of Dagestan detained in Moscow has contacted his relatives

On June 19, Ali Aliomarov, a native of Dagestan, whose disappearance worried his relati... More

20.06 / 14:43
Pogorov's father calls on President Putin to intervene in situation with Ingush activists

In his video appeal to the President of Russia, Sarazhudin Pogorov, a 93-year-old fathe... More

20.06 / 14:33
Azerbaijani journalist Fuad Abbasov stops hunger strike

On June 19, Fuad Abbasov, an Azerbaijani journalist, who went on a hunger strike in pro... More

20.06 / 11:04

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