Novruz Bayram celebrated in Azerbaijan amid eased repressions

In connection with the celebration of Novruz Bayram, March 20-26 were declared non-work... More

20.03 / 18:04
Circassian activists tell about Umarov's links with Arashukov

Oleg Umarov, the founder of the "Dobro Cherkessov" (Circassians' Wealth) charitable fou... More

20.03 / 18:00
Azerbaijan accuses Armenia of machine gun shelling

Units of the Armed Forces of Armenia have violated the ceasefire regime in different se... More

20.03 / 17:47
Rights defenders: Daudov's words about blood feud will affect all political refugees

The absence of Kremlin's response to Magomed Daudov's threats to Tumso Abdurakhmanov ca... More

20.03 / 11:07
Armenian human rights defenders support Nasrin Sotoudeh

Armenian rights defenders and activists have held an action at the Iranian Embassy in A... More

20.03 / 11:01


Circassian New Year arouses interest in Adygs' culture

The tenth official celebration of the Circassian New Year is scheduled for March 21 in ... More

20.03 / 23:54
Defence of Armenian Police head demands to interrogate Pashinyan

The former head of the police used light and noise grenades to disperse demonstrators i... More

20.03 / 23:50
Alabama State recognizes Armenian Genocide

Alabama has become the 49th US state to recognize the massacre of Armenians in the Otto... More

20.03 / 23:46
Defence challenges extension of Robert Kocharyan's arrest

The arrest extension by two months has been appealed against at the Court of Appeal, th... More

20.03 / 18:21
Court not to cancel fine imposed on Gannushkina for picket in support of Titiev

A Moscow court has upheld its decision to fine Svetlana Gannushkina, the head of the Ci... More

20.03 / 18:13

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