Azerbaijan reports shelling of two villages in conflict zone

Within the last 24 hours, the positions of the Azerbaijani militaries stationed in the ... More

13.11 / 13:22
Residents of Chechnya report detentions of shootout casualties' relatives

After the shootout near the village of Martan-Chu, where two residents of Urus-Martan w... More

13.11 / 13:21
Social network users criticize law enforcers for killing two men in Chechnya

Users of social networks found doubts the law enforcers' version that the two men shot ... More

13.11 / 10:37
AI declares Rostov Maltsev's supporters in Rostov prisoners of conscience

Yan Sidorov, Vladislav Mordasov and Vyacheslav Shashmin, accused of attempting to take ... More

13.11 / 10:36
Shootout at Martan-Chu is tenth armed incident in Chechnya since start of year

In 2018, the shootout in the Urus-Martan District, during which law enforcers killed tw... More

13.11 / 08:32


Two North-Ossetian residents suspected of involvement in Syrian militants

The FSB has put two women-residents of North Ossetia, who, according to law enforcers, ... More

13.11 / 22:24
For Ingush activists, participation in rally results in fines

Administrative protocols were drawn up on 22 activists, who participated in the protest... More

13.11 / 22:20
Rights defender Gannushkina fined for picket in Titiev's defence

A Moscow court has fined Svetlana Gannushkina, the head of the Civil Assistance Committ... More

13.11 / 22:15
Six persons detained after death of Baku resident from ritual beating

Murad Soltanov, an Azerbaijani resident, was beaten with sticks to death in an attempt ... More

13.11 / 19:45
Residents of Chechnya treat mosque opening in Khaibakh as landmark event

The participants in the opening ceremony of the mosque in the village of Khaibakh, whic... More

13.11 / 19:42

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