Two Ingush activists complain to the ECtHR about persecutions because of protests

Isropil Nalgiev and Bagaudin Gagiev, Ingush activists, have submitted complaints to the... More

18.10 / 11:47
Forcing teacher to publicly apology outrages Georgian activists

Residents of the Gardaban District of Georgia forced the teacher Gamid Sadykov to make ... More

18.10 / 11:45
AI associates Dagestani journalist Gadjiev's case with authorities' attack on freedom of speech

The ongoing criminal prosecution of Dagestani journalist Abdulmumin Gadjiev is part of ... More

17.10 / 23:52
ECtHR supports refusal of Azerbaijani Jehovah's Witnesses* to serve in army

Azerbaijani courts violated the principle of freedom of conscience by sentencing to imp... More

17.10 / 23:48
Azerbaijan voices entry conditions for Russian citizens with Armenian surnames

Russian citizens of Armenian descent or with Armenian surnames may not be afraid of ref... More

17.10 / 18:59


Chechen residents treat Ramzan Kadyrov's statement about journalist as unethical

Ramzan Kadyrov suggested that criticism of the Chechen authorities in articles by Elena... More

18.10 / 19:39
Human rights defenders detect signs of fraud in Dagestani journalist Gadjiev's case

Natalia Prilutskaya, a specialist for Russia at the "Amnesty International" (AI), belie... More

18.10 / 15:43
Opposition reports about detention of activists before rally in Baku

In Baku, law enforcers conducted mass detentions of activists, including organizers of ... More

18.10 / 15:36
Armenia joins UN HRC

The election of Armenia to the United Nations Human Rights Council was approved by 144 ... More

18.10 / 11:52
Defence equates transportation of Ingush protest leaders in prison trucks to torture

The seven arrested leaders of Ingush protests will be taken to the psychiatric hospital... More

18.10 / 11:50

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