Nagorno-Karabakh marks "Night of Museums" by exhibitions on start of liberation movement

In Nagorno-Karabakh, fourteen museums organized new exhibitions and events dedicated to... More

19.05 / 06:01
In Georgia, report on raids to nightclubs provokes controversy

In Tbilisi, searches in nightclubs were carried out with the court's sanction and revea... More

19.05 / 04:45
Russian authorities find it impossible to get death convict from Iraq

A native of Northern Caucasus has been sentenced to death in Iraq for belonging to the ... More

18.05 / 23:26
Resident of Dagestan accused of abducting a girl

A native of the Dagestan's Gergebil District and his accomplices managed to take a girl... More

18.05 / 20:04
Kadyrov's offer on Putin's three presidential terms brought into State Duma

The bill on three presidential terms in a row for Vladimir Putin, instead of two, which... More

18.05 / 19:55


Men killed in attack on church in Grozny identified

During militants' attack on the Archangel Michael Church in the capital of Chechnya, tw... More

19.05 / 20:45
Ingushetia: neighbours' conflict results in two casualties

One person was shot dead, another died of stab wounds as a result of the conflict of re... More

19.05 / 19:42
Attack on church in Grozny reminded attack in Kizlyar

An attempt to capture a church in Chechnya, in which seven persons perished, was the se... More

19.05 / 17:50
Rights defenders treat Justice Minister's statement on gays in Chechnya as absurd

Rights defenders treat as meaningless the statement of Alexander Konovalov, Russian Min... More

19.05 / 15:01
Political analysts announce possibility of new protests in Armenia

There is antagonism in relations between the new Armenian government and delegates from... More

19.05 / 12:24

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