Appeals to reconcile Kabardian and Balkar people provoke disputes in social networks

On September 20, the Day of Adygs was celebrated in Kabardino-Balkaria against the back... More

21.09 / 19:43
ECtHR treats investigation into death of Armenian citizen in police as ineffective

On September 20, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) obliged the Armenian author... More

21.09 / 14:32
Azerbaijan claims shelling of its villages from machine guns

The positions of the Azerbaijani army in four villages located in the Karabakh conflict... More

21.09 / 14:28
Historians assert that land dispute caused conflict in Kendelen

The Kabardians vs. Balkars conflict around the anniversary of the Kanjali Battle was ca... More

21.09 / 10:48
HRC "Memorial": closed trial is beneficial for Titiev's case falsifiers

The explanation that the closed court sessions will ensure the safety of the law enforc... More

21.09 / 10:45


Georgian villagers block Tbilisi-Batumi Highway

The Tbilisi-Batumi Highway was blocked for 20 minutes by residents of the village of Kh... More

21.09 / 21:48
Activists report about 45 hospitalized after clashes near Zayukovo in KBR

45 people were hospitalized as a result of clashes with policemen near the village of Z... More

21.09 / 21:48
Residents of Chechnya and Ingushetia doubt special operation held on the border

Movsar Aleroev, a Chechen from the Ingush village of Psedakh, who was among the three a... More

21.09 / 21:45
Conor McGregor calls Ramzan Kadyrov a dictator

Irish fighter Conor McGregor explained his criticism of Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov by the ... More

21.09 / 19:52
Circassian activists argue about ICA's influence on conflict in Kendelen

The Congress of the International Circassian Association (ICA) has finished without ann... More

21.09 / 19:48

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