Ramzan Kadyrov: road to "Kezenoy-Am" tourist complex cleaned

The authorities of Chechnya reported cleaning roads from snow in the mountainous region... More

21.02 / 17:31
Witnesses in Azerbaijani journalist Mustafa Gadjibeili's case confused in testimonies

At the trial in the case against Mustafa Gadjibeili, the editor-in-chief of the website... More

21.02 / 12:28
Dagestani activists report information vacuum around border demarcation process

Khizri Shikhsaidov, the speaker of the Dagestani parliament, promised to include activi... More

21.02 / 12:25
Nagorno-Karabakh marks 31st anniversary of liberation movement

Concerts in honour of the 31st anniversary of the Karabakh liberation movement took pla... More

21.02 / 12:20
OCCRP tells about expensive Russian real estates of President Ilham Aliev's children

Since 2007, Ilham Aliev's son owns a land plot and a house in the Moscow region; and ot... More

21.02 / 08:30


Armenian authorities agree to review five cases on soldiers' deaths

The Investigating Committee of Armenia concluded an agreement with human rights organiz... More

21.02 / 23:03
Azerbaijani journalist Mustafa Gadjibeili subjected to suspended sentence

In Baku, the court sentenced Mustafa Gadjibeili, the editor-in-chief of the website "Ba... More

21.02 / 22:59
Azerbaijani rights defenders add 127 names to list of political prisoners

A working group of Azerbaijani rights defenders, NGO activists, and lawyers made public... More

21.02 / 22:56
More than 200 Georgian citizens leave South Ossetia after opening of border

The authorities of South Ossetia allowed citizens of Georgia to return home across the ... More

21.02 / 21:30
Blogger Alibek Mirzekhanov suspected of having links with Syrian militants

Alibek Mizerkhanov, a native of Dagestan, who disappeared in Moscow on February 20, was... More

21.02 / 17:36

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