Armenian residents commemorate genocide victims with torchlight marches

Armenia has held torchlight marches in memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide i... More

24.04 / 11:34
Dagestan: detainee confesses to preparing attack on policemen

One of the five persons detained in Chechnya and Dagestan on suspicion of preparing ter... More

24.04 / 11:22
Over 2300 take part in torchlight march in Stepanakert

More than 2300 residents of Stepanakert have participated in the traditional torchlight... More

24.04 / 11:13
Construction of hippodromes in Chechnya raises payback issues of Kadyrov's projects

The second hippodrome in Chechnya has been opened in Shali; the third one is being buil... More

24.04 / 01:27
Idea of installing sculpture in Kaspiysk sparks debates about garbage in social networks

A sculpture to a citizen who has brought garbage to a bin will be installed in Kaspiysk... More

24.04 / 01:07


Ingush students arrested in Egypt face sharp health deterioration, their relatives report

Four Ingush students kept in a Cairo prison were transferred to a medical unit because ... More

24.04 / 18:55
ICRF: two residents of Stavropol Territory involved in Shamil Basaev's raid on Dagestan

Takhir Begeldiev and Nariman Otepov, two residents of the Stavropol Territory, were inv... More

24.04 / 18:35
Residents of Nagorno-Karabakh demand compensation for Armenian Genocide

In Stepanakert, participants of a torchlight procession urged the international communi... More

24.04 / 15:43
NATO ship arrives for joint exercises with Georgian military personnel

The US Navy USS Ross DDG-71 destroyer has arrived in Batumi. The US ship will take part... More

24.04 / 15:31
Key witnesses testify in favour of Aslan Yandiev

Umar Khadziev and Ruslan Tsurov, sentenced in cases on terror acts committed in North O... More

24.04 / 15:20

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