In social networks, detained Makhi Idrisov boasted of friendship with Kadyrov

The police have reported that they found plenty of firearms at home of Makhi Idrisov, a... More

19.09 / 23:52
Social network users associate inflows to Akhmat Kadyrov Foundation with requisitions

Users of social networks mentioned mandatory donations from public sector employees and... More

19.09 / 23:49
Kadyrov's friend Makha Idrisov detained, a source reports

Law enforcers conduct searches at home of Magomed Idrisov, who shows his friendship wit... More

19.09 / 22:59
Animal defenders demand to punish Dagestani MMA fighter Nurmagomedov for fighting a bear

The US animal rights organization requested the UFC to make a stand against Khabib Nurm... More

19.09 / 20:39
Well-known Russian designer compares Beslan terror act with a road accident

Deaths of children in the terror act in Beslan are as tragic as a death of a child in a... More

19.09 / 17:54


Makhachkala: hunger-striking Afghan War veterans need doctors' help

The veterans of the Afghan War, who are on a hunger strike in Makhachkala, have reporte... More

20.09 / 11:55
Youngster accused of helping Syrian militants delivered from Germany to Volgograd

A 19-year-old native of one of Caucasian republic, extradited to Volgograd, is accused ... More

20.09 / 11:49
Seven figurants in Ganja riot case sentenced to prison terms

A court in Baku sentenced seven defendants in the case of participation in the riots in... More

20.09 / 11:30
Decision to return case of Dagestanis killed in Chechnya to Grozny approved

The Russia's Supreme Court (SC) has rejected the appeal against the refusal to transfer... More

20.09 / 11:22
"Daimokhk" filmmaker speaks about atmosphere of fear and mistrust in Chechnya

A documentary about the Chechen choreographer, Ramzan Akhmadov, has been included into ... More

19.09 / 23:55

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