Sochi Buddhist fined for meditation

The court has found the resident of Sochi, who conducted collective Buddhist meditation... More

16.02 / 13:16
Nurmagomedov pays fine for his brawl after fight with McGregor

Khabib Nurmagomedov, a Dagestani MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter, who was fined for th... More

16.02 / 13:07
Chechen law enforcers launch campaign against wearing camouflage

The popular wearing of elements of military uniforms by Chechen residents undermines th... More

16.02 / 08:28
HRC "Memorial" treats inquiry into attack on Datsiev as inefficient

During a year, the investigation of threats received by the staff of the Makhachkala br... More

16.02 / 08:24
Two believers detained at Salafi mosque in Makhachkala

On February 15, policemen conducted a preventive raid in the area of the mosque in Omar... More

16.02 / 08:16


Law enforcers release one of detained residents of Grozny District

One of the three residents of Tersky was released without charging, two others are susp... More

16.02 / 16:55
Kuban residents support version of homophobia-based murder of fellow villagers

Two residents of the dwelling settlement of Ilsky were killed because of their sexual o... More

16.02 / 16:45
Dagestani activists show disputable territories on Chechen border to Shikhsaidov

Members of the Dagestani Public Commission on the border with Chechnya have shown Khizr... More

16.02 / 16:25
Azerbaijani and Chechen authorities withdraw from interethnic conflict in Moscow

The parties in the mass brawl in the Pechatniki Moscow district were natives of Chechny... More

16.02 / 16:09
Investigation of the "March 1" case over in Armenia

The Special Investigating Service (SIS) of Armenia has completed the inquiry into the c... More

16.02 / 13:25

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