Yerevan hunger-strikers explain their aspiration to Russia

In Yerevan, the hunger-strikers have stated that they want to leave for Russia because ... More

24.09 / 15:57
Chechen blogger, Musa Lomaev, treats compensation of 50,000 euros for torture as negligible

The Chechen blogger, Musa Lomaev, who was awarded compensation of 50,500 euros by the E... More

24.09 / 10:55
Defence treats psychological pressure as reason for prisoners' protest in Tbilisi

An advocate of one of the prisoners, who cut their own hands, has demanded from the Gen... More

24.09 / 10:49
Extortions in Chechen schools become all-Russian practice

Teachers are often independently solving the issues of classroom repairs and decoration... More

24.09 / 10:47
Azerbaijan: court refuses to release ex-Ambassador Gasanov on bail

Eldar Gasanov, a former Ambassador of Azerbaijan, accused of abuse of powers and misuse... More

24.09 / 10:42


Key stage of Caucasus-2020 exercise takes place amid conflict between invited countries

On Thursday, participants of the Caucasus-2020 military exercise practiced destruction ... More

24.09 / 23:40
Chechen woman sentenced to four years of imprisonment after help from authorities

A court found a woman from Grozny and her son, who had obtained better housing conditio... More

24.09 / 23:32
Social network users criticize Chechen law enforcers for reprimanding detainees

After a post on Instagram about a preventive conversation held by policemen in the Urus... More

24.09 / 20:04
Former wife claims blogger Musa Lomaev has no right to criticize Chechen authorities

Blogger Musa Lomaev, who left for Finland after subjected to torture, does not care abo... More

24.09 / 18:21
Makhmudov's case is example of mutual cover-up of Azerbaijani authorities

Eldar Makhmudov, a former head of the Ministry of National Security (MNS) of Azerbaijan... More

24.09 / 15:59

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