Azerbaijan: hunger-striking journalist Ragimov states serious health deterioration

Journalist Ikram Ragimov, who is on a hunger strike at the SIZO (pre-trial prison), has... More

17.08 / 08:27
MIA reports abduction of minor bride in Ingushetia

A young man abducted a 13-year-old girl in the city of Nazran aiming to marry her, the ... More

17.08 / 08:18
Law enforcers associate "Legal Initiative" with protests in Magas

The rallies in Magas and recent protests in Moscow are backed up by same people, who or... More

16.08 / 21:48
Tumso invites head of Chechnya to dispute about Kadyrov Senior

The blogger Tumso Abdurakhmanov has invited Ramzan Kadyrov to discuss the historical ro... More

16.08 / 21:36
Lawyers voice conditions for return of Ingush girl to her parents

The authorities had the legal right to appoint a guardian for an Ingush girl who suffer... More

16.08 / 18:25


Ingush MPs to go on litigating on Chechen border issue

A group of MPs of the Ingush Parliament will continue appealing at higher judicial inst... More

17.08 / 13:18
Military experts warn about danger of Karabakh conflict escalation

The advance of Azerbaijani border guards into the territory of the Gazakh District indi... More

17.08 / 13:03
Kadyrov's criticism of Imam Shamil voiced out amid reassessment of Chechen history

The Chechen society is rethinking its history, and the debate about Imam Shamil initiat... More

17.08 / 12:53
Wife of journalist Aslanov states restriction of his right to visits

At the SIZO (pre-trial prison), Azerbaijani journalist Polad Aslanov, accused of treaso... More

17.08 / 12:40
People from Kadyrov's retinue become his representatives in sectors of Chechnya

Ramzan Kadyrov has split Chechnya into sectors and appointed law enforcers and official... More

17.08 / 08:33

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