Defence demands to acquit residents of Ingushetia accused of terrorism

The guilt of the five residents of Ingushetia of plotting a terror act at the French Em... More

21.02 / 08:25
Transfer by Sargsyan's brother of money to Armenian budget reminds of his criminal case

Alexander Sargsyan, a brother of the third president of Armenia, has transferred 18.5 m... More

20.02 / 23:44
Policeman suspected of beating resident of Makhachkala

After a detained resident of Makhachkala complained about violence, a policeman was sus... More

20.02 / 23:40
Native of Armenia denies accusations of involvement in mass brawl in Moscow

Fuad Abbasov, the head of the Centre for Information Initiatives, has called a Russian ... More

20.02 / 23:36
Family of blogger Alibek Mirzekhanov states his kidnapping

Alibek Mirzekhanov, the blogger, detained within the case of a brawl in Moscow, was rel... More

20.02 / 23:33


Witnesses in Azerbaijani journalist Mustafa Gadjibeili's case confused in testimonies

At the trial in the case against Mustafa Gadjibeili, the editor-in-chief of the website... More

21.02 / 12:28
Dagestani activists report information vacuum around border demarcation process

Khizri Shikhsaidov, the speaker of the Dagestani parliament, promised to include activi... More

21.02 / 12:25
Nagorno-Karabakh marks 31st anniversary of liberation movement

Concerts in honour of the 31st anniversary of the Karabakh liberation movement took pla... More

21.02 / 12:20
OCCRP tells about expensive Russian real estates of President Ilham Aliev's children

Since 2007, Ilham Aliev's son owns a land plot and a house in the Moscow region; and ot... More

21.02 / 08:30
GPO challenges refusal to arrest Kocharyan's administration head

The court will consider the complaint of the General Prosecutor's Office (GPO) of Armen... More

21.02 / 08:27

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