Ingush students stop hunger strike in Egyptian prison

Four Ingush students have stopped their hunger strike in a Cairo prison, because they h... More

19.04 / 09:35
Verdict to the head of International Bank of Azerbaijan upheld

The Supreme Court (SC) has refused to satisfy the complaint lodged against the sentence... More

19.04 / 09:33
Blogger Tumso Abdurakhmanov starts collecting complaints from Chechen residents

Chechen blogger Tumso Abdurakhmanov published at least 20 messages received from reside... More

18.04 / 22:58
Residents of Stavropol Territory sentenced for extorting money from gays

In the Stavropol Territory, the court of Mineralnye Vody sentenced local residents to 2... More

18.04 / 22:55
Court prolongs arrest of blogger Alibek Mirzekhanov for two months

Alibek Mirzekhanov, a native of Dagestan, accused of having links to militants and recr... More

18.04 / 22:45


Archaeologists tell about ancient castles in Kashatag District of Nagorno-Karabakh

A photo exhibition in Stepanakert presents images of 15 castles found in Nagorno-Karaba... More

19.04 / 15:42
Residents of Armenia criticize authorities' decision to celebrate Citizen's Day

The Armenian authorities allocated about 257,000 US dollars for the celebration of the ... More

19.04 / 15:36
Russian diplomats not let to Ingushes arrested in Egypt

A consul from the Russian diplomatic mission in Cairo could not visit the arrested Ingu... More

19.04 / 11:35
Georgian city of Gori suggests to restore monument to Stalin

The restoration of monument to Joseph Stalin in his homeland in Gori will increase the ... More

19.04 / 11:27
Bill on judges considered in Georgia amid opposition protests

The "Georgian Dream" Party decided to take into account, in the draft law on the appoin... More

19.04 / 09:40

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