Fired law enforcers tell about persecutions after Magas rally

There was no order to disperse the rally in Magas downloaded from the leadership, while... More

23.08 / 11:11
Closure by South Ossetia of its border with Georgia actualizes bordering problem

The bans on crossing the South-Ossetian-Georgian border during holidays result in deten... More

23.08 / 11:00
Natives of Chechnya and Dagestan tell about interethnic tensions in Krasnodar

Disputes about the Chechen-Dagestani border have exacerbated the hostility among native... More

23.08 / 01:24
Dagestani historians argue about idea of broad conference on Caucasian War

A large-scale scientific conference on the Caucasian War is needed to fill in the gaps ... More

23.08 / 01:07
Tumso doubts Kadyrov's merits in building mosques

Over the 17 years of Kadyrov's rule, a little more than 200 mosques were built in Chech... More

22.08 / 22:33


Fourth PFPA activist arrested over a week

Mubariz Abdulkerimov, the chairman of the Sheki District branch of the Popular Front Pa... More

23.08 / 19:49
Social networks do not trust version of domestic nature of shootout between natives of Chechnya and Dagestan

Users of social networks criticized officials for alleging that a shootout of natives o... More

23.08 / 19:39
Contract soldier blown up on a mine in Chechnya

A paratrooper died from wounds he had got during military exercises in a mountainous-wo... More

23.08 / 19:30
Law enforcers: natives of Chechnya and Dagestan detained after firing in Krasnodar

Five suspects involved in a shootout near the market in Krasnodar are detained in Sochi... More

23.08 / 14:53
Chechen propaganda makes blunder by interference in dispute between Tumso and Kadyrov

Calls for employees of the "Grozny" ChGTRK (Chechen State TV and Radio Company) to vote... More

23.08 / 14:40

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