Activists request France and Russia to help in returning Armenian prisoners of war

In Yerevan, participants of the "March of Unity" requested the French Ambassador to inf... More

30.11 / 23:51
Armenians of Lachin District mark their leaving by setting fire to houses

In anticipation of the transfer of the Lachin District to Azerbaijan, scheduled for Dec... More

30.11 / 23:48
Pashinyan discloses details of talks with Putin on Nagorno-Karabakh

Before signing the statement to end the war in Nagorno-Karabakh, the Russian President ... More

30.11 / 21:51
Conscripts' parents complain about conditions of army service in Nagorno-Karabakh

In Yerevan, protesters claim that participants of the autumn fighting in Nagorno-Karaba... More

30.11 / 21:49
Week in the Caucasus: review of main events of November 23-29, 2020

Return of refugees to Nagorno-Karabakh; demining of territories in the Karabakh conflic... More

30.11 / 15:24


Azerbaijan takes control of Lachin after 28 years

On December 1, the Lachin District came under the control of Azerbaijani troops, with t... More

01.12 / 11:16
Armenia: rights defenders reproach authorities for indifference to POWs' exchange

The Armenian authorities are making insufficient efforts to return the prisoners of war... More

01.12 / 11:10
Mufti scolds Grozny women for wearing niqabs

The "Grozny" TV Channel has shown a story about the "educational conversation" of the C... More

01.12 / 11:05
Berdzor residents leave their homes amid uncertainty

The Karabakh authorities have no information on the status of the city of Berdzor (Lach... More

01.12 / 10:55
Parents of Armenian conscripts achieve week-long vacations for their sons

Armenian authorities have approved the granting of vacations to the regular soldiers wh... More

01.12 / 10:48

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