Russian authorities withdraw from helping Beslan victims

Today, 15 years after the terror act in the Beslan school, former hostages need medical... More

21.09 / 11:32
Azerbaijani journalist Ragimov announces new hunger strike in jail

The imprisoned Ikram Ragimov, the editor of the "" website, has announced r... More

21.09 / 11:30
"Anji" FC disowns detained Makha Idrisov

Makha Idrisov, a search at whose home discovered an arsenal of weapons, never worked fo... More

20.09 / 23:59
Families of deceased soldiers demand compensation from Armenian authorities

In Yerevan, more than 30 relatives of soldiers killed in peacetime held a protest rally... More

20.09 / 23:55
Chechen residents report methods of forced large-scale subbotniks

In Chechnya, under the threat of dismissal, public sector employees have to paint trees... More

20.09 / 23:52


March in Yerevan against development of Amulsar field was over thousand strong

Authorities should stop issuing permits to mining companies, the marchers have stated. More

21.09 / 22:04
Journalists beaten up in Ingushetia assess prospects of their complaints to ECtHR

The journalists and rights defenders, who suffered, when their minibus of the Joint Mob... More

21.09 / 21:56
Residents of South Ossetia mark Republic Day with parade and mass festivities

On the occasion of the Republic Day in South Ossetia, four days-off were announced, Sep... More

21.09 / 15:21
Court leaves Ingush activist Katsiev under arrest

The court has ruled to extend the arrest of the Ingush activist, Khasan Katsiev, by thr... More

21.09 / 15:17
Adyg Day in Nalchik brings together Circassians from Middle East and Europe

In the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic (KBR), the celebration of the Circassian (Adyg) Day... More

21.09 / 11:38

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