PACE Rapporteur calls on to revise attitude to refugees from Chechnya

After his one-day visit to Grozny, Frank Schwabe, the Rapporteur of the PACE on human r... More

23.09 / 21:54
Resident of North Ossetia sentenced to 10 years in prison for preparing terror act

The North-Caucasian Military Court has found Timur Albakov guilty of preparing a terror... More

23.09 / 21:39
Azerbaijani journalist claims being detained during protest rally

Law enforcers did not let Tapdyg Farkhadoglu, a correspondent of the Voice of America (... More

23.09 / 18:21
Vladimir Putin orders to allocate money for army of Abkhazia

The President of Russia instructed the Minister of Defence to sign an agreement propose... More

23.09 / 18:02
Week in the Caucasus: review of main events of September 16-22, 2019

CTO in Kabardino-Balkaria; hunger strike of Afghan war veterans in Makhachkala; renamin... More

23.09 / 17:58


Penitentiary Service reacts sceptically to statement about pressure on Kerimli

The statement about pressure on the advocate, Nemat Kerimli, in the colony, where his c... More

24.09 / 11:24
Akhsan Nuruzade placed into dungeon

Akhsan Nuruzade, an activist of the "Muslim Unity" movement, was placed into dungeon (p... More

24.09 / 11:11
Kochesoko demands to punish law enforcers who detained him

Martin Kochesoko, the head of the Circassian public organization "Khabze", has demanded... More

24.09 / 08:42
Makhi Idrisov placed under house arrest

Makhi Idrisov, who boasted in a social network of his friendship with Ramzan Kadyrov, w... More

24.09 / 08:33
Mukhtarly placed into dungeon after announcing hunger strike

Afghan Mukhtarly, a journalist convicted in Azerbaijan, who went on a hunger strike in ... More

24.09 / 08:25

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