In Quarter 2 of 2019, 10 people fell victim to armed conflict in Northern Caucasus

Within the second quarter of 2019, at least 10 people fell victim to the armed conflict... More

14.09 / 13:08
In Stavropol Territory, no one fell victim to armed conflict in Q2 2019

In April, May and June, in the Stavropol Territory, nobody fell victim to the armed con... More

14.09 / 11:55
Volunteers to help children-returnees from Syria to Dagestan

The adaptation to peaceful life of the children returned to Dagestan is undertaken not ... More

14.09 / 11:49
After meeting in Ergneti, South Ossetia refuses to open Georgian border

Georgia has refused to remove the block-post erected near the village of Tsnelis, but d... More

14.09 / 11:36
Georgia's GPO threatens to arrest Meliya

Nika Meliya, an MP from the oppositional "United National Movement" Party, has violated... More

14.09 / 11:25


Social media users argue about actuality of fight against witchcraft in Chechnya

The detention of a witch in Chechnya and the report shown by the "Grozny" ChGTRK (Chech... More

14.09 / 18:48
Rights defenders tell Pasquier about political prisoners in Azerbaijan

After her two-day visit to Baku, Liliane Maury Pasquier, the President of the Parliamen... More

14.09 / 18:33
Schoolchildren tell about forced subbotniks in Chechnya

Schoolchildren and employees of budget-funded organizations were enlisted in large numb... More

14.09 / 18:19
Krasnodar activists complain about bank account arrests after law enforcers' raids over Navalny's offices

During searches in Krasnodar, law enforcers seized computers and telephones local activ... More

14.09 / 18:08
In July 2019, two persons suffered from the armed conflict in Northern Caucasus

In July 2019, at least two persons were killed in the armed conflict in Northern Caucas... More

14.09 / 13:55

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