Georgia: Parents of minor actor accuse authors of gay film

The parents of the child who starred in the film "And then we danced" said they the fil... More

13.11 / 16:36
Religious figures are critical of Lebanese theologian's attacks on Mufti of Chechnya

The video clip by Abdurrakhman Dimashkiya, a Lebanese theologian, criticizing the Mufti... More

13.11 / 09:24
Journalists remind of Dagestani politicians' practice of using militants

The use of militants in politicians' and businessmen's interests in Dagestan was practi... More

13.11 / 09:21
Dagestani journalist Abdulmumin Gadjiev left under arrest

A Makhachkala court had extended the arrest of Abdulmumin Gadjiev, a journalist of the ... More

13.11 / 08:51
Gifts to "Vainakh" dancers highlighted problem of social inequality in Chechnya

Authorities have awarded huge premiums and expensive gifts to dancers of the "Vainakh" ... More

13.11 / 08:44


OSCE monitoring reveals no violations in Karabakh conflict zone

Today, OSCE observers have not registered any incidents on the contact line of the arme... More

13.11 / 23:57
Feminists defend Ingush singer Ragda Khanieva

Moral crusaders, who harassed Ragda Khanieva, a native of Ingushetia, after her appeara... More

13.11 / 23:53
Dagestani singer Ruslan Adjiev faces problems because of police prevention registration

The police assured Ruslan Adjiev, a singer performing Kumyk songs, that he was not put ... More

13.11 / 20:28
Three Georgian residents fined for violating border with South Ossetia

In South Ossetia, a court pronounced a decision to fine and expel to Georgia three pers... More

13.11 / 20:23
Analysts detect hidden motives in Yerevan students' actions

A march against the initiative of the Armenian Ministry of Education (MoE) to make opti... More

13.11 / 16:39

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